Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Fatty Wants.

I'm not all the way back yet but let's talk fashion.

Can we talk about my aesthetic right now?

First keywords.


Let's break that down. I want flowing, perhaps tattered, scary, black. I want huge deep hoods. Flowy, long cardigan jacket/coat things.

I want layers.

I want asymetry.

I want to play with texture and fit.

Now I have been working on this and it's fucking hard y'all. I have the awful habit of never buying things when they are in season so when I want them I can't find them.

I'm talking ALL of the Dark not so pretty things. I want them.

First let's talk about some basics I am incorporating into my Nazgul Ugly Aesthetic.

Old Navy Leggings. Here are the straight size ones here are the plus size ones. I am a not a lot of ass having smack between a 14-16 in pants at Old Navy and the XXL is a bit too loose for me. Seattle is random with the weather right now so these are important. Also they are super soft and inexpensive.

Sticking with ON for the moment let's talk skirts. I am no fan of their fitted skirts as they never fit decently on me. BUT anything with a more stretchy waist I'm all about it. My favorite time honored style is the fold over jersey skirts. They are super soft, versatile and comfy. However my friends do not pay full price. Thrift them, get them on sale do what you do. Luckily this style is also done at Walmart and target etc. I am actually wearing one from Target right now.

I've also had some good luck at my size (round about my size) with footless leggings in the biggest straight size from Target. Although the bright colors are tighter in the crotch and thigh.

And can we talk about Sock Dreams? Once Upon a long ass time ago I lamented and beat my breast about Sock Dreams socks because they had a crap selection, no real resources about plus size socks.

Oh how things have changed. This is a company that I actually BELIEVE loves all kinds of bodies. They back that shit up by having different shapes and sizes of legs in their photos. They let us sock lovers know if a particular color is tighter than others.

Seriously, look at this. Dear other businesses, this is how it is done. Sock Dreams provide for the customer who is not fit model sized like a fucking boss.

The next staple are tanks and tees. I am not really a fancy shirt person. I don't like ruffles, I don't like crap all over my boobs. I am very particular. I need shirts to be around hip length, not too high of a neckline, soft and comfy. My go to products are those tanks from Old Navy, Target etc. I wear a lot of black, grey, purple, burgundy short sleeved tees in V necks, crew necks and the occasional boatneck.

Keep your eye out. Even if a place isn't a "goth" shop. You can get your pieces anywhere you can get other things.

Where I am running into trouble is that I love interesting leggings and cardigans.

Both are expensive.

Also expensive are the shoes I'm currently fantasizing about.

Can we talk about these booties? Um..I don't wear high heels anymore but I want them so bad. I know they are imitating Jeffrey Campbell but a girl has to do what she has to do.

Which brings me to more DIY.

You know what my homies? I'm really done asking indie designers for shit for the most part.

I am going to knock off things to the best of my ability. I will do so gleefully and blatantly.

I may not subscribe to the DIY above all else ethos of Gothdom but you know what?

Fuck lip service to loving all bodies. Give it to me or step aside.

Next time we need to discuss interesting leggings. I'm hoping to get my finished shawls ready to be listed and sold and OH SHIT I almost forgot.

So during the shitstorm that has been the last few months in the blogosphere I've also been hard at work doing some stuff. Check it out.

If you have a kindle or use a kindle app thing you can buy not only ONE of my fiction collections (here) BUT dundundun...I put out a new one.

Get the all flash version here.

Both are under 4$. Neither is overly long. And I am super proud of both.

Okay next time more fashion. Also fuck pretty. I want to make the first post exploring my vision of being terrifyingly glamorous.

Also let me say hello to my new homies and for my regulars holy shit you guys.

Y'all have been so awesome. Thank you for understanding why I will probably not get too deep right now. Thank you for doing the bigger important thing is that you've listened. You've listened and been amazing.

I love you.

Homo Out.

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April D said...

Oh Internet why did you fail to bring me to Socks by Sock Dreams before now? Usually I hate wearing anything on my feet but for those beauties I would LOVE to make exceptions. Thigh-high socks? In great, fun colors? That FIT my large thighs?!? *faint* Thanks so much for pointing me to them :D

How are Old Navy and/or Target shirts for length-shrinking? I've always gotten LB v-neck polos and tees but the suprima crap shrank so damn much that I want other options...but LL Bean is so expensive that I really don't have it in my to buy from them...

Would love to see the Nazgul look as you pull it together. Will be freaking amazing.

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