Friday, April 13, 2012

More advice from a Fat Goth.

I'm on a roll this week.

First let me show you a crappy picture of my current preferred Springtime Aging Office Goth Look.

Okay so basically I am wearing my black Dansko mary janes. Black and red stripey Super Stripes socks from Sock Dreams, I have short fat legs and wear them cuffed over my knee. A random bought from ebay raw edged black skirt, and the rest doesn't matter.

Now let's talk about the Glory Days of Casual Goth wear available in many sizes at many places. For me that was around 1998-2001ish. 

At that time I was about the same size I am right now and for work I dressed pretty similarly but with more variety because I could find key things.

Let's talk about staples. Yes, I can make it work while shopping at Target and Old Navy and ebay and thrift stores and lj and whatever. BUT, there are key things missing from the marketplace especially in plus sizes.

This is where you indie designers come in.

One of the items a lot of my fat goth friends and not so fat goth friends and I have talked about is the disappearance of a mid length plain a line black twill skirt of some quality.

Remember those? My favorite go to brand back in the day was Tripp. Unlike most of the current offerings from say Lip Service they fit well, weren't just long enough to cover the butt they were wearable outside of the club. I had some with bondage straps and D rings, I had some with big industrial zippers. Yes I had some mini length ones but the key is that there was availability.

So hey you Designer from Narnia. 

What if you became THE best source for this sort of item? Sturdy, well constructed A line twill skirts with some variety in length and accouterments. 

Here's the thing a lot of indie designers tend to forget. While super fancy beautiful clothes are great to have a lot of us have jobs and shit. As much as I would LOVE to wear say the astonishingly gorgeous Theda skirt from Kambriel, every day all day. It's just not feasible. 

What I (and lots of others need) is a consistent easy to find, affordable go to place, brand, designer for things we can wear every day.

As awesome as it is to be a maker of fine and delicious gorgeous goth fanciness, we need the kind of clothes any Goth could get back in the day walking to the local goth shop. Some fancy things to wear to the club, some things workable for a day job.

For the shop or designer who takes on the concept of being that go to person, people will flock to you. If you market, if you spread the word, if you do good work and don't overcharge, you will be successful.

Again my homies this is free advice. This is a member of your community who is frankly sized out and over it. 

So here is your opportunity designers. Corner the market. Do your thing. 

Also for a business something like a variety of black twill a line skirts would be fantastic. Even for a beginner an A line skirt is not a huge construction challenge. Do some research, pic out some people you know who might like this sort of thing and ask them some questions. Average out measurements. Make up a few and have some folks try them on.

If I had the time and skills I would do it myself but I don't.

We want our marketplace to be full of a variety of things for the wide gorgeous variety of us. We want quality clothes that aren't crap. 

We want to support our indie designers. 

But as I said yesterday we can't if you don't let us.

That's all for today my homies. I have lots of things to do today and some of them include doing some more super thrifting searching for a couple of things.

Also would anyone be interested in me doing clothes reviews? I did a couple a few years ago. Over the winter I collected a few specially ordered pieces for Spring and Summer. 

More where to buy/how to goth up non goth specific things? Mostly lower cost things? Also socks since I have been on a Sock Dreams binge since last fall.

Any other requests my homies?

Now I love you all my homies and haters.

Homo Out.


I think if the weather holds I will have my shawls up for sale next week. Also you can buy my books still at amazon for kindle here. Proceeds from the Wayward Words collections go to me. The other two things listed are anthologies I have stories in.

Now really homo out. 


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Anonymous said...

Agreed X 1000, from another aging corporate goth. I work in a semi-creative job where I deal with the senior executives a lot, so I have to look designer-corporate with an "arty" twist. A Vivienne Westwood suit would be perfect, but 1. Price 2. Size, as usual. Now you can get similar outfits from fancy department stores and some designer boutiques and indie designers but again no dice on the sizing. I guess I am going to trawl Etsy for someone willing to do custom and who understands the style. I went to a couple of local dressmakers and they did not understand I wanted fitted clothes, not some kind of big boxy mother-of-the-bride outfit.

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