Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh hey..hi there.

So darling regulars and HELLO and welcome brand new homies.

My regular homies y'all know I was talking about a huge thing that my dear Marianne helped set up?


Thus my welcome of the new homies.

Through Marianne I was hooked up to do my first fat related media thing and I got interviewed at The Root. Seriously don't read the comments. I've been warned. Now you have too.

Now I turn to you visitors from The Root.

I am technically on a vacation right now but I'm taking some time to welcome you.

Welcome to my litterbox. If you want to talk about fat please understand that if you are rude or disrespectful I will not tolerate that. If you have questions about FA or the stuff I talked about in the interview COME ON DOWN.

No seriously. If you want to remain anonymous that's cool. If you are uncomfortable leaving a comment email me here: shannon -at-, you can (AHA I fixed my form) come right here and ask me stuff totally anonymous if you want it to be. If you ask me really nicely I might answer you privately although, I warn you I am the worst correspondent in the world.

You can ask me about fatness, gothness, fashion, queerness, all kinds of stuff. Give it a shot I'm pretty nice for one of those awful fat people.

In the meantime I really encourage you to browse my archives. I talk a lot about health beyond the scope of the interview.

If you want to know a little more about me read some of my most recent posts.

Here's the thing.

I'm not really a hard science/statistics type of blogger.

I am not good at that.

What I am good at is bringing these things to an intersectional personal place. I am good at helping myself and my homies and haters to see through a lot of the bullshit we see on a daily basis.

I'm also pretty silly sometimes.

I do honestly hope some of you visiting will come back. Fat politics are not just for fat people my friends. My flavor of Fat Acceptance is not just for my fat ass but it's for your not fat ass.

It boils down to the following though. Here is the quick and dirty.

  1. Fat Acceptance and body politics are not about who you think is sexy. No one except the people you are trying to get naked with cares.
  2. FA (I'll just use that from now on) is not about "making excuses", "spinning" or otherwise changing the actual facts about fatness.
  3. FA is about the importance of fat people and to a greater extent ALL people deserve to be treated with basic human dignity.
  4. FA is about being people who are fat and not walking buckets of fat disease and being treated as actual human beings.
  5. FA is about learning to undo the decades of self hatred drilled into the Fat Us and the Not Fat us.
  6. FA is about bodily autonomy.
  7. FA is about learning to love ourselves enough to maybe want to take better care of our bodies or at least not abuse them with crash diets, eating disorders and self loathing.
  8. FA is about learning and by extension teaching each other and ourselves that no, fat  is not an indicator of anything except the fact that one is fat.
What I'm saying here folks is that FA is probably not what you think it is or want to believe it is.

I'm saying that it's not unreasonable, or a disservice to the community for me to stand up and say yes I am a fat person. Don't abuse me.

It really is that simple. 

Don't. Abuse. Me.

That is directed at the doctors who refuse because of personal bias or wholesale belief in the Obesity Crisis to give us adequate or even basic health care INCLUDING preventative care which in the long term would make us Healthier.

That is directed at the people who threaten us with death, rape and maiming simply because we exist. Yes, I am absolutely speaking from personal experience there.

That is directed at the people who believe that they are better people simply because they are not fat.

That is directed at the diet industry that sells us pills that could cause heart attack, kidney failure or explosive greasy diarrhea. 

That is directed at the people who bully us into secluding ourselves, suicides, risky surgeries and self loathing that takes years to unlearn and for some of us we never unlearn it.

That is directed to the well meaning advice givers who want to police what we eat and what we wear.

Are these things really so hard to do? Is it really so radical (yes I'm being facetious I KNOW it is absolutely radical) to say no I don't want to do that?

And before anyone starts talking at me about what I may or may not have said, please go back. Read again. 

Also ask yourself a good question.

What is health?

Is it only looking healthy as in being thin?

Is it being able to run a marathon?

Is it being attractive to you personally?

Is your vision of health so narrow that it excludes the many intersecting parts of health? Culture, poverty, access to quality medical care at any point? Access to medication? Safe places for a woman or anyone who presents as female or vulnerable to go for a walk outside?

Is your vision of health one that says do not be fat at all costs including maybe your quality of life? Kidneys? 

Does your vision of health not include empathy or even an ability to look beyond your sexual attraction preferences and see other people as whole human beings not just a picture you say on the news that upset you?

This is where I'm inviting you into the life and thoughts of your resident fat homie.

Let's talk. I am deeply invested in you my homies. I care about your whole selves not just your butts, even though some of you...well I've seen your butts and oh yeah.

So my homies, new homies and haters.

What's good?

Did any of my homies do some homework?

Did you have to get rough with yourself this week?

Did you do something nice for yourself?

Tell me all about it.

Regular posting will resume on Monday I promise.

I love you intertubes.

Homo Out.



maggiemunkee said...

i am so proud of you. <3

Amerith said...

That was a good interview.

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