Monday, June 25, 2012

Actual Fat problems.

A lot of anti fat people like to go on and on about the myriad awful problems we fat people have. Not just some of us of course but all of us since yanno, we're all ONE headless fatty on the news.

So I thought I'd share my personal fat problems. Perhaps thin people you can help me solve them.

  • Panties and pants. Now if you're new to me and my little blog here, I will tell you I loathe both panties and pants. The problem is that right now as I am, I am smack between a size 14-16 from the waist down. There is about a 13" difference between my very high up natural waist and the broadest point of my hips. Low rise pants here's what happens. I have very big thighs, big hips and not much booty meat. A size 16 pair of low rise pants or equivalent underpants size fits in the low waist and nowhere else. The same thing in a size 14 will most likely not fit my thighs but will hit my high waist just fine.
So I'm sure at least someone will say well just lose weight! Cause weightloss fixes everything?

Actually not really. See when I was anywhere from a size 4-10 I had the exact same problem. There was a line of thongs I used to buy by the truckload from Frederick's of Hollywood that solved most of the underwear problems but they changed them and I don't like them anymore.

Aside from wearing as many skirts and dresses as possible, thin people tell me what to do. You want to do that right? 

  • Pap Smears and mammograms. Now it's not that nobody can get to my pussy. If I can tickle my own G Spot someone with a speculum and flashlight can see clear through to heaven. When I go to the gyno all I really want out of life is to get my cervix prodded, a culture taken and for a doctor to say looks all good in there or oh hey what's going on in here? I go for a mamogram I want my titty squished on a plate, then I want a call to tell me all clear and my scar tissue from the breast reduction I had about 20 years ago.  Instead what I wind up getting is 80% of the time being lectured or having a doctor or other medical "professional" try to talk me into illnesses I don't have, warning me about my mortality or otherwise not doing what I actually need. When I am persuing the all important Health, it seems like rather than helping me along my merry way in doing so, most doctors I come into contact with want me to be an illness (obesity) rather than a person with some health foibles.
What do I do?

See thin folks for reference even when I -was- thin I was still treated this way because I had been fat. So the disease lectures turned into scare tactics that essentially always wound up with me in tears and not getting what I needed to begin with.

Instruct me.

  • Workout gear. My favorite exercise is dance. Belly Dance, dance dvds, booty shaking at the right place (every place) and sometimes while doing those things my boobs do some crazy shit. When I was into a lot of high impact exercise (running etc) I was a lot thinner but my boobs were only a cup size smaller which for me and my body doesn't mean a whole lot of difference. Back then I was really really poor so I wore three bras. This wasn't comfortable and it didn't really work well because it made me unable to take a full breath. For the past six months or so I've been pricing the better rated amongst us big titty having fatties sport bras. 85 dollars. Back in the day when I was desperate to hold my tits down so I could torture myself into running stadium stairs the "best" bra I could find was about 45$. WHAT do I do?
According to some thin people I've spoken to I should just suffer. Because I'm fat and obviously to blame for my big titty genetics. Or I just shouldn't be doing those things because it's gross when fat people do stuff right?

So what am I to do?

During various points over the years I have learned that there are some Fat problems that are going to be problems for me no matter how fat I am or how not fat I am.

A lot of those problems have to do with fat prejudice. No matter what state my body is in someone will take offense to it. Someone will point to something I do or wear as being awful because it's unhealthy/ugly to look at in their opinion/something they wouldn't do or wear.

So here's the thing thin people. A lot of the fat people problems the media and the teevee have convinced you only happen to fat people, really just don't. They aren't fat problems they are body problems.

Often the big things that thin people complain about aren't really anything that is necessary to complain about. Don't like fat people in shorts? Don't look at them. Don't want to fuck a fatty? Fine go fuck someone else. 

The healthcare debate often comes down to ZOMFG FATASS USIN TEH HEALTHCARES COSTS ME MONEY ARGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of taking the minute to not rage and use some critical thinking, too many people just buy into whatever they saw on CNN rather than really giving it some thought.

I say, how about we all have access to great health care that is non abusive and efficient?


I say, it would be far better for everyone if people had access to preventative care to help them be as healthy as is possible for them personally to be.


Seriously read any article where a fat person talks about health and this is what happens.

This along with my life experience leads me to believe that every thin person who claims that it's all about the all mighty Health, is full of shit.

So until you non fat people want to do some actual work, or give some actual thought to what constitutes health for individual people and what you can really do to help, kindly shut your pie hole.

Homo Out.



Kristie said...

Great post. My fatty problems involve the huge markup on clothes at fat lady stores when at most they use an extra half-yard of fabric. I'm also annoyed by fat lady spaghetti strap tops that do not come with a built-in bra, because I need and want a bra for my rack, and I'm not 25 years old and willing to wear a random, non-matching, non-hideable bra for everyone to see with said tank top. Don't even get me started on Lane Bryant's "everybody loves a huge, untailored shirt with deep chasm of a v-neck."

Anonymous said...

I have the same big thighs, high waist, no butt, between sizes problem, and after I wash a pair of undies a few times they always stretch out and develop a permawedgie. But speaking of Lane Bryant, one thing they seem to do well is underwear and right now they're having a big sale on it. Since I started wearing their cotton hipsters, not one wedgie all day long and it is bliiiiiiiissssss. You might want to check that out if you haven't.


Anonymous said...

I should probably shut up, but as somebody with a weird bra size, I'd say it's worth it to save up and shell out for a really good sports bra in your size (if you know it). I used to think I hated running, but what I actually hated was shitty bras and back pain. I have 2 $79 bras that I bought myself for Christmas 2 years ago that still work great. Higher impact stuff, you will still bounce, but a good bra will help a lot. I wear Moving Comfort brand, for running, but they often only go up to 40E. You could also try Shock Absorber (only up to band size 40, but cups up to a hh) or Last Resort (though I have had a lot of trouble with them, and I don't like them for high impact). I have heard great things about Enell, but have never tried them. My usual tactic is to wait until they go on sale or clearance for some weird specialty offer and snap up the ones in my size.

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