Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A few announcements.

So first announcement.

I'm going on an official hiatus for maybe two weeks or so.

Blog needs work on the backend so that will be happening.

Also you can read new fiction by me!

The free ones you can find at The Molotov Cocktail, and my super special paen to my fellow queer brown femmes here at SmokeLong Quarterly.

For those of you who are new in these here parts I'm also a fiction and occasional poetry author. Want to know more things? You can read ALL THE WRITINGS at my official author website.

What else?

OH right.

If you have a dollar to spend and you like hetro erotica. You can buy my story Morning Heat right here at Smashwords.

Have like 6$ You can get my unedited raw little prose collections at Amazon HOLY CRAP.  That is a link to my author page at Amazon. You can also find two kick ass anthologies I have work in as well as my little collections.

Can't buy?

It's all good. Feel free to pimp my work out to your friends. Links all that stuff.

Would you like to keep on my writing life adventures and what I'm reading and stuff? I write about that too. You can read that over here at wordpress.

What else?

If you want me super random and unfiltered (way less organized than here) come play with me on Tumblr. Totes not always worksafe, some days my tumblr is full of tits, ass and fashion.

Now how about a couple of quickie reader questions?

I've had these knocking about in my inbox for a while but they didn't need whole entries.

First question from a new homie QT.

QT wants to know how old I am. Well QT I am 35 or as I have taken to telling people who question my age/legitimacy that I am damn near 40.

Anon wants to know why I'm so fat.

RLY? Come on son. try harder.

Another Anon says I am an ugly bitch.

Dudes, seriously. Anons calling me names or saying I'm ugly or fat don't get my dick hard try again.

So I think that's all for now my friends.


So my essay collection.

I have to confess that I am having a really -really- fucking hard time on the second rewrite. My editor now lives locally and I think I'm going to take her out on a talk the writer off the ledge and maybe give said writer a cuddle type date or something. Or we might just need to get some booze so I can ugly cry it out.

I don't know why I can't deal with them. I honestly had no idea that doing a big non fiction hard shit real deal thing would be so damn hard.

So yeah. They aren't coming out soon and I'm so sorry about that.

Non fiction still freaks my shit right out. I am working on it though.

Who knows, by the time I'm done maybe I will have something book length to actually shop and stuff.

Other news. I am so close to getting my shawl shop open. I'm going to host it with my writing site I just need to finish getting it set up. I will also be offering affordable and pretty lapghans, scarves and doodads. My yarn reselling didn't work out because I didn't like the shipping rates but after Uniballer and I move I might do some other yarn sales.

At the moment though that's not gonna happen for a bit due to crazy tight finances. Summertime almost always equals broke time because of how my paychecks fall I often have to pay rent out of both of my monthly paychecks and we haven't heard back about my partners disability yet.

So yeah.

Brokeness and stress.

But I'm surviving.

I think that's really done. Remember you can subscribe via email on the right or via RSS so you don't have to keep coming back to check on me.

Homo Out for a couple of weeks.

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