Monday, June 04, 2012

Just One Question.

After my offer to people arriving via my interview at The Root (again do not read the comments), I got a few new readers and comments and one snarky question.

do u even bother trying 2b healthy?
 Well snarky anon I'm going to answer your question.

First let's talk about my personal view of health for people and then myself.

As I keep saying in general other folks health is none of anyone's business. And don't give me that FATTY U COST ME INSURANCE DOLLARS bullshit.

What makes insurance so expensive often is not just someone being fat. The problem happens when people are denied access to good preventative health care, are treated only for their medicationalized obesity to the exclusion of treatment for any other health issues not relating to weight, etc. If those people do get sick and don't seek treatment because of fear or shame, then it gets expensive.

I fully embrace the idea that anyone and everyone should have access to good preventative health care so that doesn't happen.

I'll talk more about that another time.

I also don't believe in Health being an either or thing. I don't believe in a binary idea of health that says either you are healthy (thin) or not healthy (fat).

I don't believe that weight alone dictates health status for me or anyone else.

Is it an intersecting factor? Hell yes.

Is body weight the only factor? Hell no.

Now me personally.

I won't rehash it but I have lived life at various weights and done all sorts of things in the name of being Healthy.

Currently aside from my lifelong medical issues I feel pretty good.

So yes, I do things to make my actual body and soul feel and live healthier.

For my heart and soul I don't read most internet comments because most commenters see the internet as their chance to be a total asshole to a stranger, I don't read certain internet sites as I mentioned to a friend on twitter. I don't deal with or talk to people who can't at the very least respect that I am an autonomous person and separate from them.

If I feel like someone is simply being abusive in the name of being "right" I tend not to deal with them at all or put energy into talking to them.

I have a small group of very beloved friends who are my family.  As I've mentioned recently I also take self care very seriously and treat acts of self care as survival tactics. I read, I crochet, I look at beautiful art.

I feed my soul with things I'm passionate about and love.

That is good for my body.

For my body I do lots of things.

I think for me one of the huge health related things I started doing routinely about seven years ago is drinking a lot of water.

I've never been a huge soda drinker but, I also never really paid close attention to my hydration levels.

The difference between being not quite dehydrated and really well hydrated for me is huge. Being well hydrated on the regular means my joints hurt less, my skin is plumper and more clear, my hair is healthier, my kidneys are happy. Normally day to day if I feel weird or off the first thing i reach for is water.

I also drink a lot of tea. I mean a lot. All kinds of tea. I'm a huge tea and coffee lover. I make sure to chase it with water if I'm drinking anything caffeinated.

What else? Well I try to avoid foods that cause me digestive upset.

I digress for a moment and will come back to it another day but, when people try to talk at me about my health why do they never inquire about my bowels?

Anyway, for my digestion to function without too much uncomfortable gas or diarrhea, or other upset I avoid a lot of dairy, I don't eat too much fiber, I try not to eat combinations of foods that I know will upset the balance. Also see hydration, staying hydrated helps me poop regularly.

When it comes to food I try to eat intuitively. That is actually kind of a struggle for me day to day. I honestly forget to eat. I don't generally recognize that I'm hungry especially if I'm doing things (writing, walking, working etc) and I tend to let my blood sugar drop which is not awesome for me. Generally speaking though if I feel like I need to eat fruit I eat fruit, or veggies or meat or whatever.

I tend to try and avoid greasy foods because they give me the shits, always have and it can be upsetting. Occasionally I like fast food. Maybe once every four or so months I'll go to McDonald's and get a chicken sandwich.

I have a sweettooth but I don't eat as many sweets as I could or would like to because of my teeth. However if I want some candy I eat some candy.

Once I figured out not to forbid myself foods out of fear of getting fat (or fatter as the case may have been) I found I don't really eat in a way that makes me feel awful with either too much or too little.

Actually I lie, the too little food thing happens often. See my forgetting to eat.

Some days when I'm spaced out I know to write myself a note I put on my computer monitor at work to remind myself to eat. I have learned to manage my issues in a way that helps me keep my blood sugar from tanking.

And now the big question, am I really the lazy never moves fatty I am reported to be?

Actually no I don't have the option.

While no I don't do a lot of dedicated exercise, I move more than the average person during the day.

I don't drive and use public transit. And public transit being what it is I'm not picked up and dropped off door to door.

For a long time I used a pedometer daily and kept track of my mileage.

During the nicer weather here in Seattle I average anywhere from 2.5-5 miles worth of steps during the day. According to the principles of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenics (fancy term for non exercise movement, no link because all the ones I found were highly problematic) I do a fair bit.

Normally if the weather is nice and my knees or back don't hurt too bad I walk a total of about a half hour or so before work. I walk about (not non stop) at work, at night if I get out at the right time I like a good ten or fifteen minute walk.

My natural walking speed is fairly brisk, stumpy legs or no. I have always really enjoyed walking and do so as much as I can time and weather permitting.

I also like to do some stretching during the day. I've found that periodic stretching rather than just time dedicated to stretching at night actually feels better to me.

I am really eager to start bellydancing again. I don't have space currently to do it and I really miss it. Dancing is such a joy for me (hence my frequent bootyshake breaks). I like to take time out during the day and do a little dance.

What else?

Oh I take a battery of vitamins. I discovered when I was too poor to afford decent food that taking a good mix of vitamins often means the difference between getting sick or catching a cold and not. Currently I take a hair nail and skin vitamin that is also a multivitamin, I take fish oil, MSM and an immune system support thing.

This mix does me a WORLD of good. My skin is happy, the MSM helps support my joints.

Now Snarky Anon, I don't tell you all of this to prove anything to you. You're probably going to think I'm a bad awful fatty regardless of what I say.

I say all of this to illustrate that my personal health has personal needs. I say this to underline my belief that health is not a one size fits all thing.

I say it to show you Snarky Anon and whomever else that how I take care of my body won't be and doesn't need to be the same as anyone else's.

Overall right now I'm pretty healthy. My life has been really stressful in the last six months or so and my blood pressure has been a bit higher than normal. My partner and I have had some things happen in our lives that were hard to deal with but are primarily settled. I'm feeling far better so that should get back to normal soon.

I'm also back on my allergy meds (when I get stressed out I forget to take them) so I'm not an allergy ridden mess.

Now later this week I want to talk about what people don't say when they talk about my health and why those unsaid things further prove to me that no, it's not about my health it's about the size of my ass. I will also talk about the things that people say to me as a fat person they never said to me as a thin person.

OH wait y'all.

I know I forget to mention this here but if you want to keep up with my non blog writing you can follow my writing blog right here. Today is a self promotional extravaganza.

Homo Out.


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