Monday, July 23, 2012

Where fat people exist.

I just read this by Marianne over at XOjane. Also protip if the rest of XOJane frustrates you as much as it does me you can bookmark your favorite authors and skip the rest.

When talking about fat people and health I am more convinced that for every average Bob on the internet and expert Doctor who likes to express their outraged faux concern that fat people exist, I like to watch them complain about fat people doing things.

For instance.

For a while in my 20's I tried really hard to be a runner. I was thinner than I am now but still pretty chubby. True fact, no matter how thin I have been or what my muscle mass has been I have a jiggly body.

As I chugged along, I got hollered at in the EW GROSS FATTY way a lot.

Ask some fat folks who go to gyms about all the people bitching about them being there.

Ask me about how often I have heard "OMG what does she think she's doing here/doing at all"

Here's the light to the lie of the concern doctors and other people express.

You cannot expect fat people to be exercising their fat away, or doing anything with their health if in your mind they should not be anywhere.

For every jackhole I've heard snicker about me in my yoga pants or when I was going to gyms roll their eyes and make I smell shit faces at me while I exercised, I'll show you someone who doesn't give a shit about my health or health at all.

As a lot of us fat folks have been saying and as science is starting to publicly admit.

Weight itself is not as indicative of health as we think it is.

Further, let's think about it this way.

Can you tell by looking if someone has AIDS or hepatitis?

When I'm walking down the street on a day say where I'm not limping at all, can you tell just from looking at me that I have had knee issues going on 20 years?

Can you tell if you see me passing by that I have major allergy problems?

If we're being honest most rational people would say of course not.

Of COURSE I can't tell by looking if someone has an STI so I'm going to use a condom or get tested.

Now logically, how does that inability to see HIV status magically translate into you're fat so I can see that you have diabetes, hyper tension and you're going to drop dead right now?

You know here's the thing. Of all of the anti fat/concerned comments I"ve ever gotten in my life not one single person be they a healthcare professional or some random person have I EVER heard a logical reasoned argument as to why (backed up with current facts not hyperbole or headless fatty OBESITY EPIDEMIC rhetoric) it is okay for someone to look at me and presume anything about my health or why it is effective or demonstrative of caring that people will harass me at the gym or if they see me buying food or walking down the street.

Most people those healthcare individuals included, are working on the idea that people should be bullied into being visibly acceptable.

I am living proof of this.

When I was really thin and frankly really unhealthy, the most unhealthy and sick I've been in my life even when I told people I was sick they would say, "oh but you're sooooooooooo thin."

I was convinced I was going to be sick forever, depressed and hating myself and people congratulated me.

There are times in the last few years when I've lost 5-10 pounds because of illness or stress and people have congratulated me.

It is disgusting.

Further proof that no one really gives a tin shit about health.

If they did, they wouldn't fight against HAES so hard.

They wouldn't immediately start shouting FATTY U GONNA DIE anytime a fat person says or does anything.

If you are a person who says anything other than you take care of yourself the way that is good for you, you don't give a shit about health.

If you say, well yeah you're pretty and all for a big girl but...

You're full of shit.

If you say, I'm all for self confidence but...

You're full of shit.

If you say that you love all bodies but...

You are full of shit.

Be honest with at least yourself and admit that you a.) cannot know and will not know the actual health status of any individual on a look b.) that you are not the arbiter of all things health related and c.) that you are being gross and judgmental and most importantly d.) you need to start understanding what health really means in relation to bodies that are not yours.

Or just shut the fuck up and keep your opinions off of other peoples bodies, out of their wallets and out of their mouths.

It's not that difficult.

This post also brought to you by my personal frustration with finding some kind of dance class to take that is not weight loss focused. I don't want that I just want to do some dancing and work on my fat girl fitness without the bullshit. Also the cost of something as necessary as a good bra.

I'll talk about that later.

For right now guess what homies?

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Now my darlings. Tomorrow I have some dating advice for one homie and some advice about first sex toys.


Homo Out.


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Kristie said...

I'm with you. My hubby just had major abdominal surgery, and lost 25 lbs. in 3 weeks because he was on a liquid and then barely solid diet. Short story is, he is not getting anywhere close to enough to eat, but he just has to deal until he heals. But people of course are going on and on about his weight loss and how great he looks, including his personal trainer, who should know better. The man is starving; how does no one get that this is not a cause for celebration? People are just so fucked up, and rude. Here's an easy rule: don't talk about other people's bodies, unless you're naked with them and only complimentary. Otherwise, STFU.

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