Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Fat Goth Survival.

Let's talk about making it work.

I want to tell y'all about making things that are either a little too big or a little too small work out for us.

This isn't really a size thing.

This is more about being poor and those situations when you can't really afford more things, maybe you gained a little weight between seasons, maybe you thrifted it. Who knows.

Now I'm going to recommend again that you learn some basic hand sewing things.

Nothing fancy, I'm talking super simple nothing overly fancy. You can buy something like a small hand sewing kit for emergencies at any drug store or even the dollar store.

Here is a tutorial I like.

Let's start with bustline problems.

I am most familiar with things being too small in the bust.

I have huge boobs.

When something like a cardigan is too small in the busline you can play with how you button it. For instance I have a size L cardigan I got from Target a few years ago. The cardigan is supposed to be a cropped boxy fit. NOPE.

I wear it and it becomes a tight cropped shrunken shape.

When it comes to gothy clothes, I've found that when I DO find things that are somewhat plus sized often there is not boob room.

Here's the thing, you don't have to wear things the way you see them on a display.

So, don't be afraid to buy a skirt that on a model is long and loose. Wear that shit skin tight and show off your hot booty.

So when you buy tank tops that are too short and don't cover your belly, or cardigans that won't button over your boobs, fancy tights you can't pull over your thighs keep them.

Things you can do with tights:
Using very sharp scissors you can cut them to make sleeves. To keep them from unraveling right away if you spritz them with hairspray from a can then carefully whip stitch around the tops, do the hairspray thing then paint around the top. If you're a more adventurous sewer you can sew a strip of fabric from something else to it. You can use stretchy lace too.

These won't last forever but somethings you really need to add some sleeves to something or to wear under that shirt you might not be comfortable wearing.

You can also use one leg of a pair of tights as a headband, use it as a soft gentle ponytail holder. If you are a lover of hair pieces and falls, use it with those.

Now let's talk skirts.

To get the most out of skirts understand a few things.

Elastic waists are your friend.
The size on the tag doesn't always matter.
You don't have to wear something the way it is supposed to be worn.

Learn where on your torso wearing things is comfortable. If you say have a bigger belly, buy skirts that are made to be longer on people without a belly and they will be knee length or mini on you. Are you really tall? For calf or knee length skirts try on elastic waist petite sized things to experiment with length.

My big point here for not just us fat goths but for everyone is that if you are thrifty or broke, it pays to lose your fear of size tags.

There are items I wear that are everything from a size small to a 20.

When you're looking at something stretchy, stretch that shit out.

If something has a waistband or armhole that is a little too snug, break the elastic. Basically you stretch it until it crackles and you lose some of the elasticity.

If a top is too tight try cutting a V in the neckline.

Don't be afraid to wear something kinda rugged.

Make it work.

One of my other big tips is for lace up boots.

If you have big calves you need a partner, some elastic and socks.

Get your socks on and the boots all the way unlaced. Either stand or sit and have your partner use regular shoe laces up over your foot and ankle. Tie them off.

Continue lacing with the elastic. If the boot has a zipper make sure to zip it up. If the boot is leather, you're going to want to walk around and loosen the leather up. Another trick is to get a hairdryer and hit the leather with some good hot air to warm it up and make it easier to stretch out.


Also if your foot is wide and tall, you can use elastic for a WHOLE boot.

Don't be afraid to cut the waistband off of something and cut a matching or contrasting tshirt into wide enough strips to make a new waistband. You don't even need a measuring tape for that. All you need is to put strips together until they go around your waist.

Also seriously. If you have money to pay retail for clothes don't be afraid to ask around about companies, refund policies. Bother merchants. If they don't list garment specific measurements ask. Take them to task if they don't offer them.

Make people work for your precious dollars and patronage.

This is super important for us fatties.

Make them work for our dollars.

Don't let them get away with pretending like we are not a viable demographic.

Later at some point we need to talk about how I'm going to be poor and try to make it as far into or through winter as possible without wearing pants.

I'm not joking

Fuck pants.

Homo Out.



Sumayyah said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much for this post. I've always seen those cutesy DIY posts and blogs and they never really hit home for me. This is EXCELLENT advance! I don't know why i never thought about the tights and sleeves thing...

JeanC said...

Great advice, esp about the number on the tag. I am currently wearing a wrap dress (a true wrap dress, nit a faux wrap) that says it is a 20, I wear a 22-24, but it fits and looks good. The extra wiggle room the wrap gives is perfect.

A favorite top I have is an 18, I ended up with it when I tired on my size and found it too big, kept going down until I got one that fit.

I find Ross to be a great way to find clothes you can wear and repurpose when on a budget.

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