Friday, August 03, 2012

So guess what?

I already announced this on tumblr but, my absence has reasons!

I've decided to write a little zine type thing about my brand of raw, self care for fucked up people.

Basically it'll be like reading a whole little book, written like this here little blog, all about self care. I have some recipes, some strategies, and a special section about why it's important, and how to do it when things are really fucked up.

I'm hoping to do maybe a couple of versions. One basic one for like two bucks, one with an extended make up/facial care part, one with some special POC tips, each at maybe 3$ and one with ALL the things for 4$.

I want to keep it accessible for poor people so it's all DIY.

So let's talk about something else that works my poor nerves.

Why do people refuse to understand intersectionality especially when it comes to anything race or weight related?

I am not traditionally educated and is this just something that all these "experts" didn't learn in college?

How is it even rational in any universe to think that anything in our lives happens in a vacuum?

It BOGGLES  my mind that after my interview at The Root one person tried to argue with me via email trying to tell me that health is health is health and is only health.

He refused to even acknowledge that socio-economics, family dynamics, cultural (within the Black community) dynamics, location, size etc ALL have to do with health and how we deal with it.

I just, I just cannot understand how this mentality makes sense in life. Nor can I understand why people cherry pick the idea so hard.

If you can't understand or even acknowledge intersectionality stop talking about deeply inter-sectional things until you pull your head out of your butt.

It just chaps all of my fat ass. ALL of it.

I think that's all for right now darlings. I'm exhausted and cranky and pissed off.

So soon be on the lookout for Self Care a la Shannon (not the actual name as of yet) coming to a computer near you.

Homo Out.


maggiemunkee said...

i will totally buy your self care book.

Veronica said...

I hope you'll put up some teasers from the zine here, 'cause I'd really, really like to get a better look/idea of what it's gonne be like!

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