Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Well then I'm not talking to you.

After my last post I got a note from an anon who is very upset about everything I said.

I'm not going to reprint the whole note because a.) I think this person was just being an asshole and b.) it's my blog and I do what I want.


First of all everything I say here unless otherwise indicated is based on my personal experience and life.

When I say I, I mean I as an individual.

You SaltyAssAnon are being an asshole.

Here's the thing.

I am not for everybody.

If you felt insulted by the fact that at times I react to certain behaviors with an eyeroll, understand that maybe you need to deal with that in your own life and attitude.

And you know what I stand by my assertion that certain worries or problems are a privilege.

If you haven't ever been seriously worried about basic survival as in food and shelter you have no idea what I'm talking about.

It's okay if you don't understand that experience.

What's not okay is to expect me to boohoo with someone or try to commiserate with someone lamenting how fat their ass may or may not be when I might have more serious shit to deal with.

Now I will say that if you are a person who tries to tell me how much I should empathize with some poor person who spends hours of every day obsessing about their body size.

Is it a sad and hard thing?

Yes it is.

Do I understand it on a visceral level?

No I do not.

My point in making that entry was that I did not put together my reaction to this sort of behavior with the root of it.

I was not being mean to people with issues.

We all got issues.

I got issues.

You have issues.

That doesn't mean you are entitled to tell me how I talk about how I feel about anything ever.

If you think that you get to because you think I'm being mean, fuck you.

If you think you are entitled to tell me how to talk about my own feelings in my own space, this is not the blog for you and you can keep on stepping.

I am not for you.

And that is okay.

I am the first person to tell anyone that it's okay not to like and/or get me. I am not a one size fits most type.

If you are new let me explain a few things.

I am a cunty mean ass old queen.

I spent a lot of my formative years around fellow cunty old mean ass queens and as much as I love anyone, I am not the ONE.

I love my readers.

I don't love strangers who think they can send me bullshit passive aggressive notes because I somehow hurt their feelings with my opinions or feelings.

Watch this clip. These drag queens are reading someone to filth and that is the language I speak.

I am a mean old queer.

Sometimes it comes from a place of love and frustration. Sometimes it comes from a place of irritation.

It is just who I am.

Also please note that my personal vernacular is generally non gender specific.

As if if I say, GIRL NO. I don't mean person who has a gender that is girl specifically.

I mean it in the gay general everyone at some point is GURL NO.

If I am talking about an individual person I will use their preferred gender pronouns or general ones if I am unsure.

I am a foul mouthed, joyfully insane, verbose, strange little fucker.

I know this about myself, I embrace this about myself, I let it happen because it is who I am.

If you don't like it, don't get it, don't understand how I speak (and for the record I speak on the internet pretty much the same way I do in real life but I say cunt a little less), don't like how I speak, what I talk about, how I talk about it.-

Girl bye.

Strangers nit picking my verbiage, usage or feelings on the internet is not the flavor of bullshit I like to engage in. Essentially in doing so you're telling me any of the following things:

  1. You don't understand what I'm talking about and are mad so you think that is my fault.
  2. You skipped the content and context of what I've said so you can have something to disagree with.
  3. You're just being an asshole.
So the bottom line is this.

I long ago accepted that I am not the flavor for everyone and not everyone is my flavor and that is okay. It is not reason to troll or even keep reading someone/something.

If you don't like me or how I run shit here, girl bye.

Now for my regulars.

The self care guide is COMING.

I'm pricing it at 2$ and it will be available via smashwords. I just need to format it, make the cover and BOOM.

Now, tomorrow I have another post about my relationship with my own ugliness and about why I don't feel the need to reclaim ugly.

Homo Out.


If you don't see some of the humor probably don't get me too much.

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Tapati said...

I rather think your point went sailing over anon's head which is sad, because it is an important one.

I do recall being dirt poor and still spending way too much fucking time worrying about the size of my ass and starving myself! It was such a waste of my energy right when I needed it most, for myself and for my children. I had not started to question why I was so worried or if it was a valid worry. That's how well our society sells the notion that asses should only be a certain size.

Nowadays I don't have the energy to care about my ass or anything else appearance-wise. I'm long past the body image work and now my only body image problem is how to love a body in constant pain. I almost wish I had the leisure and the focus to give a fuck about the size of my ass.

I feel for the young ladies who still do care about their size and hope they get over it someday soon because I know they, too, have more important places for that energy to go and more important things to do.

They still don't have a right to tell you or me that we should worry about ass size or encourage such things.

Thank you for always speaking the truth even when it is unpopular

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