Tuesday, September 04, 2012

So now my health isn't any of your business?

I am just recovering from what we will call the Epic Headcold of shit fuckery.

I also had another bad insomnia cycle which compromised my immune system and my body went fucknuts crazy.

So being that I have been ill, I find it insanely amusing that suddenly my health is nobody's business.

So let's put yet another light to the lie of people being concerned about the health of fat people shall we?

So last week, last Monday I was in the store and as happens in the store I commented about not feeling well to a cashier I like and I was lamenting my lack of appropriate appetite.

As I was walking out the women who had been standing behind me was walking somewhat next to me and said in a very rah rah tone of voice,

"Oh but I bet you'll lose a few pounds."

Not I hope you feel better. Not oh no, hey try this ginger tea with unicorn  pee in it to get over your cold.

Later on in the week I got a vitamin water (my favorite is the dragonfruit one) and some other water heavy fruit and veg to snack on because taking cold medication dehydrates me. Someone else felt the need to comment something about if only I'd bought a plain water I'd have a really healthy meal.

Now, if anyone who commented or gave me dirty looks in the store or as I was huffing (because I was so congested) along actually gave a tin shit about my actual "health" maybe they would have said hey, have you seen an ear nose throat specialist? Or hey, are you okay?

The lie of concern about my health is that all the concerned parties ever seem to care about is the actual size of my ass.

This isn't even down to lay people.

I actually phoned the insurance provided help line to see if I should come in and have my ears looked at. I didn't think so because I have a long long history of ear problems and can usually identify fairly quickly if it is an antibiotics situation or not.

That's all I needed. The nurse at the other end of the line was perfectly aware of what my actual problem is/was. Guess what she asked me FOUR goddamn times before giving me the information I requested?

Her: Would you like to consult with a bariatric specialist?
Me: No thank you.

Her: Are you aware that your coverage includes anti-obesity medication? Including appetite suppresants?
Me: No thank you I really don't think that would be appropriate for me given my current problem with eating enough to stay nourished also my drug history-

Her: Oh well you didn't seek treatment for this "drug history" (I could hear the air quotes in her voice) so you should try something else to deal with your weight.
Me: Really I don't want to.

Her: Well I should also let you know that through us (the insurance company) you can get a discount on Online Jenny Craig-
Me: Okay can you please let me know if I need to come in about my ears?

At this point she was annoyed and behaved as if I had asked her to read me the entirety of my War and Peace sized medical records.

She did finally give me the reminder/run down of when to come in. I said thank you and hung up.

That is not appropriate care. How it is that it took ten minutes to even get a no I think you're going to be fine answer about my possible ear infections, I can't even say.

Being that I had a legitimate health concern, HEALTH CONCERN and I was doing what people are supposedly supposed to do when they have one, why was I treated like my actual current moment problem was either secondary to how much I weigh and a burden when I made it clear I was not on the phone to talk about my weight?

This people is what happens when you are a fat person and try to take care of your health like a responsible adult.

This is inappropriate.

To take it further, I am a person who loves speedy drugs. I had an issue with them a while back. I am not someone it is appropriate to prescribe stimulants to. I have been prescribed them and not abused them but they are not good for me. It is not okay.

This is why 90% of the concern and hand wringing about the Obesity Crisis, is bullshit.

You cannot say out of one side of your mouth how concerned you are about the health of an obese person, and out of the other be a total fucking asshole if someone fat is you know doing things to support their health.

It shows you to be a liar.

Similarly if all of your arguments against anything a fat person says ever culminate in any of the following:

  1. Enjoy not being sexy
  2. Enjoy your diabeetus
  3. I hope you don't use my health care when you get X (insert disease correlated with being sedentary here)
Etc, you are a lying ass liar.

If the fact that I am unable to get adequate BASIC HEALTH care needs taken care of with the insurance I've had through my job (the same as the thin people I work with) and aren't outraged, you are a liar.

If the fact that you don't find me aesthetically appealing is your sole basis for any judgement about me you make, you ain't about shit.

Which is to say you are worthless and your opinions are worthless.

If you are so concerned about the health of obese people everywhere, give me one good reason it's okay for me not to get adequate health care or BASIC preventative care. 

Just one logical reason that has nothing to do with how attracted you are to me or rants against Obamacare etc.

Now that's all for today. I am still not really feeling well and my head hurts.

Homo Out.

OH wait, I will come back and do your thing Anthony. Tomorrow. :*



Anonymous said...

Man, that is not right. I felt the urge to ask the lady if she'd had counseling to set appropriate boundaries. With all the complications from weight-loss drugs and surgery I'd almost like to see if she got a kickback for recommending them - often with the result of needing more long-term and intensive care.

I hope you got some nice hot tea with ginger, honey, and unicorn pee...

Veronica said...

That conversation you had with the nurse at your insurance co was APPALLING!
I'm glad you're feeling better!

Anthony said...

Hey Shannon,

Sorry your phone conversation with that "nurse" (quotation marks intentional) went so poorly. Her attitude says more about her than it ever could about you, so hopefully knowing that brings you a bit of comfort. There's otherwise no accounting for the dumb shit that people do, so I've stopped trying. She'll take that tone with the right person at some point and all Hell will follow for her when she does. That you stayed polite speaks to you being a better person than she ever will.

Don't worry about that thing I sent you. I just really enjoy your blog and was thinking of you, but there's absolutely no rush on it. Feel better first. Tea, vitamin c, zinc, and the like.


Remittance Girl said...

I'm happy to report that there are many parts of the world in which this doesn't happen.

The belief that it is acceptable to tell complete strangers how to live their lives or what to do with their bodies is astounding.

"Mind your own fucking business" is really the only proper response.

Hugs, and I hope you feel better soon.

Tapati said...

Another way you can tell it's not really about health is how they treat us when we are out in public daring to exercise. I've known bike-riding friends to have things thrown at them. We get harassed for swimming (gasp!) and taking up space in a gym.

The nurse wins some kind of asshole award though.

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