Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome to my nonsense.

I am in an extra ridiculous mood.

My partner Uniballer budgeted out money for me to buy underpants, bras and other things for fall and I'm seriously excited.

Today my loves we fashion.

So we need to revisit my Fashion statement.

We know I am an old Goth.

I want to spend the remainder of my 30's rocking scary, tattery, trashy Goth.

This is Nazgul Realness.

For fall/winter I am returning to black messy trashy smokey eyes and almost black lips. Huge winged liner. Bi colored cat eye liner. I'm talking about do not fuck with me make up.

What's interesting is that when I do paint my face in what is clearly not an attempt to be pretty or natural, a lot of folks here in Seatown are not into it. I get a lot of stink eye and have had people ask me if I think I'd be able to get a job with that look, hint: I've had the same job for more than a decade. I get uncomfortable stares. People look at me like they've just smelled poop.

It amuses me.

Here's the thing a lot of the people who are uncomfortable don't understand.

I do not give a fuck.

It is always better for my self esteem and general well being when I remember that I can and will do whatever the fuck I want with my face.

That being what it is, I am excited about investing in more black eyeshadows (I MUST OWN ALL OF THEM) and more eyeliners.

Now back to clothing.

Y'all, I am really desperate to make the no pants except on rare occasions thing happen. I am investing in leggings, more boots, more tall socks because fuck pants.

No really fuck wearing pants.

BUT, unfortunately I get really cold and I don't tolerate it well so we shall see if I can make it happen.

I talked about this with Marianne on tumblr a while back but my ideal wardrobe has a lot of things that are layerable. I love wearing things that are deliberately slightly frumpy or worn out. I love to wear slips and sheer things and mix them with weird sweaters, asymetrical skirts and whatnot.

In a perfect world where size nor money were an issue things like this would be my winter go to wardrobe:

Ultimate winter.

Note the clash of finishes on the fabrics, fashion nonos such as the tattered skirt WITH the sweater.

If I had my way (and if I am able to make as many things as I would like to I might) day to day I would be dressed in this fashion give or take.

Now if I do have to wear pants I will return to my beloved jeggings. Boots, weird sweaters and layers of sheer shirts and whatnot.

For warmer weather I favor layers of slips and cardigans and things. I love the mix of meshes and them BAM a peek of skin.

I want to crochet myself some cardigans and wraps I can add hoods to, that needs to happen to add to my Nazgul Realness.

Along with these things, I have a love of tacky pattered and textured leggings. I love the idea of having a metallic leg or tackyprinted leg seen between the hem of my skirts and the top of my boot.

I have decided that it is imperative for me to dedicate more of my life to pleasing myself aesthetically.

So I keep wearing my severe buns in my hair, why I file my nails pointy and do fantastic things to them.

This my friends is next mother fucking level self care.

This is survival of the bad assest and I am bad ass enough to wear some tacky ass shit when I feel like it.

If I want to (ahem as one can see in the photo to your upper right) wear purple eyeshadow and matching purple lip gloss, I will.

If I want to subject people here in Seattle to all of my fat ass in a pair of skinny jeans while i"m walking with my back straight and head up, I will.

To steal a phrase from one of my favorite drag queens Latrice Royale,

I will make them eat it.

I will be ugly. I will be uncomfortably comfortable when I am painted like a drag queen at high noon.

I don't have to be pretty.

You don't have to be pretty.

Now for reference when I say pretty I am talking about the kind of pretty that is supposed to be aspirational and right in society.

I am not pretty like Nice White Ladies who work really hard to look natural and lovely.

I am pretty like smeared black eye shadow and big ass shiny black lips and fuck you.

So my darlings.

As the weather starts to turn, let's get weird.

Now if y'all will excuse me I am riddled with PMS and I am going to look at lipsticks.

Homo Out.

Please don't forget you can totally buy awesome make up from Detrivore though my link. Psst..her Halloween collection is the business.


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CherryPie Suicide said...

The world should really stop and listen to you, lady.

You stick with your shit and that's something most people can't claim.

Right on.



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