Friday, October 26, 2012

Yet more reasons why I refuse to identify as a feminist.

For starters let me say up front and right away that as feminism is done right this minute, it makes me more than glad I gave it up a long long time ago.

Just recently.

Caitlin Moran one of the feminists darlings of the media, thinks it's cute to say she doesn't give a shit about it when someone asked her a question pertaining to her interview with Lena Dunham, about POC.

As per usual because you can never tell Whiteness no, despite numerous people having a problem, people are told to be nice to her. Look up to her, LOOK what wonders she is doing.

Per usual, White women are making BIG fucking money shitting on people of color.

White women continue to plagiarize, distort and profit from the work of WOC with fucking impunity.If we have the audacity to demand credit for our work, apologies for it being stolen or anything we're blown off, we're told we're overreacting, we're told that intersectionality is just too hard and Feminism is mostly White and educated anyway.

Our anger is mocked. You don't fucking listen.

We get false empty "apologies" for the sake of some asshole wanting to come off as the victim of needless bullying and OH NO THE MEAN OLD COLORED PEOPLE.

The women who paved the way for feminism hated us. They tried to eradicate us. Our supposed heroines would have sterilized us (go do your own fucking research about that).

Black women especially are at the bottom of the heap.

We are never saved, we are never defended, everyone feels free to steal from us, use us as their examples of whatever societal bullshit is the flavor of the day. We are blamed for the decline of society, we are reduced to inanimate objects until someone wants something.

There is no safety for us.

There is no sanctuary.

We can't talk to each other without having to cut through White Supremacist bullshit. We can't have our own space for feminism. We can't be a part of Feminism as it is done now because the White women are too fragile to be called on and dealt with appropriately when they do fucked up shit.

We can't talk about our hair, out bodies, our sexuality without White women wanting to take over and "teach" us.

We can't escape the fetishism of White men.

We can't be beautiful.

We can't be innocent.

And to put the stink on the shit, every single one of the white feminists I've named and countless others in their pursuit of feminist goals for "everyone" who gets stepped on?

Caitlin Moran at least was up front and said she doesn't give a shit because I do not believe 90% of self identified white feminists give a shit about women of color.

I don't believe it because 90% of you don't behave like you do.

You hush WOC, you shoo us out if we are too "aggressive" or "angry".

You tell us that if only we were quieter and nicer about things maybe you'd listen.

You spew the same type of misogynist shit out of one side of your mouth while demanding equal rights with the other.

I SMELL you.

I see you mother fuckers.

So no I am not a feminist because feminism does not give a fuck about me.

I am not a feminist because I will not divorce my opinions and voice from my Blackness ever.

I am not a feminist because I refuse to stay quiet when people hurt me.

I am not a feminist because I will not allow anyone regardless of how educated, wealthy, famous on the internet, how many followers or book deals they have to tell me that in order for me to be allowed my femininity and be let into the club, I need to assimilate and be more like all the other nice white ladies.

No fuck you.

This is not a new anger.

This is an anger that simmers and boils over almost daily because it doesn't matter what we say, all of you will always default to the White position because of course, Intersectionality (read: POC saying things that don't fit into Whiteness nicely or when not being a racist is just too fucking hard) is hard.

At the rate things are going, I will not ever identify with Feminism again. Even if I'm not collecting links of wrongdoing or fucked up tactics I see what you're doing.

We see what you're doing.

Also I am calling an eternal moratorium and calling forever bullshit on any variation of saying that anyone "didn't know better".

Fuck you and that disingenuous shit.

This is 20 mother fucking 12. We are living in the future.

There are more instantly available resources on things like how not to be a racist fucking shitbag on the internet freely available than there are reasons why I don't approve of this behavior.

If you can read this, if you can facebook, if you can twitter, if you can google to find the most chic twee bar in your neighborhood do not fucking say anyone didn't know better.

That is the worst kind of victim pose bullshit.

Don't tell me you can't figure it out when you talk to me about how very educated you are. Fuck you.

Fuck you, you wasted your education if you can't find a single resource you understand about how not to be a racist.

In conclusion let me say this.

No, no I will not be a feminist.

I am not going to support racist fucking assholes for the good of any cause because it is detrimental to my actual life.

If you can't understand that, this is not the blog for you.

I am not your friend and you are not mine.

If this hurt your feelings good, if your feelings are hurt you are probably guilty of some flavor of racist flavored bullshit and now is a good time to start working on that.

That's all.

Homo Out.


Dressing inappropriately for fun and

I have always had a hard time with the idea of dressing appropriately.

From being 4-5 years old and being VERY annoyed that wearing nothing but my yellow rain slicker and matching wellies to club wear in the day time as an adult.

It's just not my jam and is in fact a big part of why I left mainstream corporate America.

I could lie and tell you that it's a statement of some sort but it's not. I just want to wear whatever strikes my fancy at all times.

For instance.

Today I wore (couldn't get a good picture, one of the problems of wearing all black 99% of the time) a black long sleeve velvet cocktail dress. I picked it up at the remnants of the Goodwill Glitter sale  (also note Seattle GOTHS GET ON THAT, no seriously you should) and it came with this hideous attached bib thing and a little jacket both of which I jettisoned.


I have worn ball skirts to work, platform boots, pleather pants whatever.

Here's the thing.

I honestly do not give a fuck about what anyone says about how I dress.

I just don't.

I tried to pretend I did. I tried at one point purging my wardrobe of anything weird or gothy and wore a lot of tshirts, khakis and jeans for a while. That is fine if you like it but I hated it.

As I've discovered over the years regardless of what my body is doing (fatter, thinner, sicker, whatever) a huge part of my self esteem revolves around aesthetically pleasing myself.

From what I wear, to my hair to my make up which is also often not "daytime" appropriate.

Fuck that.

I am privileged enough to work a job where as long as I am not naked nobody really cares what I wear. To that end I dress to make myself happy.

I wear my ridiculous socks from Sock Dreams, frequently I get my office Goth on in slacks and whatever.

My big constraints are usually practicality.

I need to wear things that can stand up to my walking and commuting. Unfortunately as I am dealing with right now that means I need pants.

If you're new, let me tell you I fucking hate pants.

That being what it is I am trying RLY hard to buy pants I like.

However I am also realizing again that I hate winter clothing. I honestly do. I hate pull over sweaters save for a very few, I hate high neck shirts, I hate most long sleeves, blablabla.

I am trying to be an adult.

Over the years many people have taken issue with how I dress myself or make up my face.

Ready for my super secret to dealing with that without freaking out?

I look people in the face, smile and ask how many of my bills they are paying? Or if they'd like to pay for a new wardrobe for me of their liking?

Answer is always none and no.

Back to Winter.

I feel like I want to conquer winter dressing. To that end I have stocked up on socks from Sock Dreams, I am looking at jeggings/other skinny pants. I'm going to buy some more shirts and whatnot for layering.

I will buy more tall boots.

I am getting a new coat.

Shit is getting real.

Okay that's all for now. I have shopping to do and cold weather dressing to conquer.

Homo Out.

PS..I will post about my reading/outfit etc tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2012


The first time I ever noticed a stretch mark on my skin I was 12 years old.

After being the smallest kid in my class I had started to catch up as far as growth goes and had hit a mythical growth spurt.

At that age, every woman I had ever seen naked in person had stretch marks. My very thin Mom, some other family members etc.

At that age I still understood that movies and magazines were pretend and not real life.

So let's start there.

Images in the media, are just that. Images. They are imaginary and have no actual bearing on real life.

As I have said, when it comes to Fashion Reality it has little to do with Real World Reality.

This is why you'll not hear me complain or really give a damn about how "smooth" plus size models are.

Yes, they are plus size but the operative word here is model.

By nature models represent the "Ideal" and very rarely the reality. All visual media assumes that people can only or want only to see perfect idealized images. No hairs out of place, no cellulite, no stretchmarks, no freckles etc.

Most images we take in via TV/magazines have been so retouched they often don't even resemble the real people they are photos of.

That is a fact.

You must take that in.

Now as a young adult I took it personally that I did not have the smooth even brown skin of every (as few as there were) Black woman I saw pictures of in magazines. I thought that I was deformed (yes literally) by my stretch marks, scars, birthmarks and freckles.

By the age of 16 I had already started spending money on fade creams and doing everything I could think of to battle the continued striation of my skin.

I drank that fucking Koolaid.

The biggest shame of it all was that at that age, I was into Black magazines. Ebony, various hair magazines etc and they were the worst liars about how a Black woman's skin "should" look.

I wanted lighter skin, I wanted it to be smoother and perfect.

Through my mid-20's I started seeing a lot of people naked.

Here's the cold facts about what I started to realize.

Skin is multi colored.

Brown skin especially. There are light spots, variations in natural skin color, spots that get darker, moles, pock marks, pores hair.

Remember this was pre internet for me so I was seeing lovers up close, friends and I realized that everything I believed about my skin was a fucking lie.

I remember there was an up coming porn starlet I met through some friends because I thought she was so super crazy hot. In photos she had the smoothest skin ever.

When we met and subsequently got naked in her hotel room, revelation. She had pimples, there were chicken pox scars on her ass.

That weekend was a series of revelations. She was really into my big tits, I mean really into them and I had one of those half cup bras that I insisted on keeping on because I didn't want her to see the scars from my breast reduction.

At one point we were king of wrestling over the bra and she was just like, for fuck sake take that shit off right now.

I took it off and when she didn't say anything about the scars I showed them to her and with her face between my tits I remember clear as day she looked up at me, and said I don't give a fuck and shut the fuck up.

Here's the thing folks.

99% of my "flaws' and things I am supposed to be fixing or worried about or that supposedly EVERYONE will notice, are things that only I notice.

Also I will tell you that one of the things that I am forever honestly self conscious about/really focused on is my skin. I notice every change, every dot, dark mark new stretch mark etc.

Honestly, I have never had a lover mention any of it or be overly concerned about it enough to make it a big deal.

Just so we all understand a few more facts.

Stretch marks are going to happen if your body ever changes which bodies do.

Stretch marks happen when your skin loses elasticity for any reason. Some of the reasons it can happen:

  1. Puberty
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Weight Loss
  4. Very dry skin
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. Growth
  8. Shrinkage.
Stretch marks are not a comment on anything but they are a record in your skin of what your body is doing. Are they good or bad? Neither they just happen.

Dark bits on your body happen.

Sometimes it's because of skin irritation, sometimes spots are just going to be dark.

In the grand scheme of how awesome you are does it make a huge difference?

Not really.

Understand that your skin, your skin will probably never have the retouched quality of the pictures you see.

That's okay.

Real life is not fashion or magazine life.

Real life means we're going to be scarred and have moles and freckles and things.

Real life has nothing to do with what the going "wisdom" that all of this shit matters in the long run.

Honestly if you are naked with someone and they freak out because you have dark armpits or stretch marks or whatever, put your pants on and go home. Anyone who gets hung up on that sort of thing is probably not worth your sex or your nakedness.

Brown people let me talk to you directly for one moment.


Brown skin is no more special in the respect of textures and color than any other skin. Having brown skin doesn't mean you HAVE to be smooth as satin and all one shade of Brown.

That my friend is absolute bullshit.

Beauty magazines marketed for Brown people are just as full of lies as Cosmo and Vogue.

Stop letting them hurt you.

Now everybody.


Every mark, dark spot, scar, freckle, birth mark, stretch mark, flaw, etc is not something that makes you ugly or imperfect. It is a road map to your life.

It is proof that you have survived.

Don't hate the proof that you made it.

It is proof you are real. 

For further reference go read this entry. Warning it is about me having sex but there's a lesson there.

Also my homies some homework.

I want you to think about this and report back if you like.

If we met (presuming we haven't met before) would you like me less (BE HONEST) when you saw the huge black mark I have on my forehead right now? 

Would you stop reading me?

What would you assume and why?

Report back and we'll talk about it later.

Homo Out.


Friday, October 12, 2012

But I just want to help you.

One of the things I hear from thin people, fitness experts, random people, and self proclaimed allies all the time is BUT I JUST WANT TO HELP YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

In the case of many "experts" by help they mean sell me something. Everything from personal training, diet super secrets, magic pills, etc etc. Half the time these are weird pyramid schemes or straight up scams.

These "selfless" (oh hay famous tv trainers I'm lookin at you) people insist that they have the key to my health. They never know me. They never are privy to my actual personal medical history. The minute I tell them that I am a poor person they are done with me entirely. Or they tell me I must hate myself too much to make the sacrifices to buy their programs/pills/dvds/services.

Here is where we put the lie to the idea that most of these experts give an actual damn about anyone. If they were indeed only concerned with my health and well being and presumed using up of ALL THE INSURANCE, wouldn't they say okay well I'm going to save your life (since they always presume I am on deaths doorstep) so these things are free.

It's not about my health, it is about my money.

When it comes to thin people, random people from the internet and so called allies it isn't money they are concerned with. It is being right.

In their supposedly supportive and loving pursuits, they fail to do the one major thing anyone who cares about something or someone should do, listen.

Read responses to things I've written, read the comments on any article concerning body image and there is always a BUT.

"I'm all for loving yourself but..."

"I guess it's okay but..."

We've all seen it.

Here is the actual truth of the matter.

If you are someone who is so determined to be correct in what you believe to be concerned way that you cannot put aside your own issues and prejudices to listen to what someone is saying and demonstrate some level of reading comprehension, you are not really an ally and you need to do some work.

If your first response to me saying, look. I do not want your advice, I don't want you getting in my business and I'm not talking about my health to you, is to tell me BUT I ONLY WANT TO HELP YOU WHY WON'T YOU LET ME HELP YOU, YOU ARE GONNA DIE FATASS...

You have work to do.

You need to learn how to shut your mouth and understand that your desire to be the one true knower of what is and isn't right for everyone around you serves no one but you.

You too fatties.

Yes you.

We know that while each of us has probably had at least one or two of the ubiquitous fat experiences, we also know that each of us live our fat lives in different ways.

We know that some of us have no correlated health problems with our fatness.

Some of us do.

Some of us are really into our health, some of us aren't.

Some of us have eating disorders, some of us don't.

What some of us tend to forget is that none of us owes it to anyone to be a Good Fatty.

We don't owe it to people to run around shouting about all the healthy food we eat, the exercise we do, HAES or anything.

Our bodies; fat, thin, able bodied, disabled, trans*, cis, etc etc are not morality plays.

That is a game we all need to stop playing.

People, especially people who are flying under a banner or believe that they just want to help need to stop running to the rescue of everyone and slow down.

Think about what you're doing.

Think about how you're thinking.

Think about how your real feelings about bodies and fatness may be coloring your behavior.

For instance.

You cannot tell me how into and loving and accepting you are of all bodies if the only bodies you approve of or that you don't offer "help" to are thin bodies.

You cannot tell me how loving and accepting you are of all bodies if your first instinct to hearing a fat person say no, I don't want your help is to turn to bullying or trolling.

If you belittle, condescend to, just keep talking about how OMG FATASS UR GUNNA DIE or OMG EAT ONLY THIS WAY, or if you "disagree" with the idea that my personal health isn't your business regardless of your intent is, you are being a bully.

What's worse is that if someone tells me they are an ally I have certain expectations.

I expect at least a modicum, an inkling of understanding of basic issues like bodily autonomy, the actuality of what makes health care expensive in America. I expect not to have heavily biased old and outdated science quoted at me.

If you do those things (I SEE YOU, yes YOU DO IT) stop.

Or at least don't say you're an ally because you're lying.

You don't care about my personal health.

If you did, you would understand that my health is not your business. You would understand that demanding I give you my vital stats or somehow defend what you believe to be true of my health.

Here's the actual cold truth.

You person, whomever you are will never be privy to the reality of the actual personal health of anybody. It doesn't matter what you believe to be true about any certain body whether it is you believe that all thin people have eating disorders or that all fat people are about to drop dead.

You just will never know.

You person, you also need to understand that it is not okay and is grossly offensive to demand that I or anyone else give you private personal information if they don't want to. It doesn't matter how much you say you care, what statistics or studies you've read. None of those things make up the reality of another persons actual personal health.

You person, you need to understand that even if I am (as I do often) talking about things that are impacted by my health or if I talk about my health you don't have the right to "correct" me about anything. The fact is unless you are stealing my private information and have my medical files open in front of you, you don't know anything beyond what I say.

If I want to talk about my health I will say so.

Otherwise shut your mouth.

Or if you are determined to "help" don't start talking all about how many fat people die and whoa is the fatty who doesn't ascribe to the way you eat or exercise. If you want to help, listen.

If you want to really help, why don't you blog about things like the importance of equal access to quality medical care?

Why don't you talk about how bullying from medical people could impact how many fat people get preventative care?

Why don't you talk about the awful mistruths and lies told about health and health care?

Why don't you talk about the profiteering of the medicalization of bodies?

Why don't you talk about the inequalities in treatment if you are not in a normative body?

It's hard right?

You are damn skippy it's fucking hard.

Understand that helping people as I have said before does not mean you get to do any of the following, rather you can do them but don't expect to be met with open arms and ally cookies:

  • Proselytize
  • Bully
  • Condescend
  • Demand
  • Take center stage
  • etc
If you are doing those things, don't expect shit.

If you are doing those things, and yes get real about it. Be honest about your intentions. Or get put on proverbial blast or ignored.

Now that's all I have to say about that.

In other news.

I have new flash fiction published at Used Furniture Review, you can find that here. 

Lastly do you live in Portland? Are you over 21 and enjoy literary events?

If so come see me read at Unchaste Readers at the Jack London Bar. Get info here on facebook. 

Go forth, frolic my homies. I'll be back next week with some pictures, an outfit and stuff.

Homo out.


Monday, October 08, 2012

Aesthetics, beauty notes.

For those of you who are new to me, let's talk about the fact that I hate cold weather.

I mostly hate it because it does bad things to my skin, I hate wearing eleventy forty seven layers in an attempt to stay warm but not too hot.

The other thing on my mind is that because of the "improvements" by metro in King County I no longer can take a bus right from near where I live downtown. I am doing a lot of walking and I have to wait an hour at night for the bus so I won't be not wearing pants this winter.

I'm very upset about that.

So I am going to try to get into Old Navy and try pants on which I'm not happy about but I'd rather have a warm ass than feel cute and be frozen.

So that will be discussed until I find satisfactory pants.

What else?


For those who are new, I am a beauty obsessed super freak. I fucking LOVE all things glamorous  all things make up and I have very particular things I like in my make up.

I have had some new things over the past four months so let me make some recommendations.

For my brown skinned folks.

First I'm talking to you my homies who like me have brown or dark lips. Now if you're not wearing a full covrage color and have dark or highly pigmented lips it can be a process to find things that look good.

Let's talk sheer glosses that make dark lips look like POW.

First up is Goldfinger Hologloss by DarlingGirl Cosmetics. Unfortunately I can't get a good picture of it on my lips but this gold shimmer is gorgeous on my dark naked lips. The gold isn't too opaque but has enough bling to just be beautiful. It also works very nicely as a gold toner to darker lipsticks.

Also from Darling Girl Planet X Hologloss. This is a weird looking gloss but the shimmer in it has the most lovely dark sparkle to it. I think for anyone with closer to black/purple lips you need this gloss. The way it catches the light is fantastic.

For a commercial gloss I have recently fallen in love with Colour Riche Le Gloss from L'Oreal. I bought one totally on a whim because I have a weakness for dark purple lippies, I bought this in Plum Rush and while it's not super pigmented I do love the subtle wash of plum and the knock out shine. I will probably pick a few more of these up.

For those who want some color deposit, not a lot of shine and long lasting moisture let me introduce you to Babylips.  I for serious like this product so much I have three of them right now. The Cherry flavor will leave a nice red tint on lips that can build up during the day/wish reapplication. It's not very shiny, not heavily flavored and offers some lasting moisture. I have cherry, grape vine and pink punch. The pink one I have to be a tad careful with because it's almost too pigmented/light pink but overall for 4$ this is a super product. They go nicely over lipstains or to perk up a fading lip stain.

I am a lip product fiend. I crave new ones to try out.

And what entry about lip products would be complete without me giving a shoutout to one of the few places I straight up advertise for?

This here:

If my Detrivore Cosmetics Affiliate link.

I put it here (and you can get to it anytime in the bar to your right) because I honestly am a huge huge fan of Detrivore  I'm going to pull rank for a second AND mention that I have watched the owner blossom from a few pretty awesome shades to an entire store full of beautiful quality cosmetics. She has a gift.

Now what do I love from Detrivore?

The Lip balm, called Embalming Tubes is really great. I honestly tend not to buy indie lip balms because 90% of the time they are just not quite what I need. Embalming tubes were a whole other story. They apply silky, they are flavored but not overwhelmingly so. I also don't like lip balm in pots and these come in cute black balm tubes. The moisture levels are impressive for an indie product. I have some big old lips and they require a lot of moisture especially when I am at work because I sit under an air vent so my lips get dry. If you try one thing from Detrivore I highly recommend it is the embalming tubes.

If you are just starting out wearing make up here is what I feel like you're gonna want to need:

  1. Eye make up remover. If you are going to wear any eye make up, have remover on hand. Personally I prefer oil free, I use a store brand version of a Neutrogena one. I also have liked the L'Oreal one, the Dove one, there's a Oil of Olay one. I don't recommend using those pad/handiwipe things. Buy the bottle and a container of cotton squares or rounds.
  2. Good skin cleanser. Your goal is to make sure your cleanser can remove any foundation or things you put on your face without stressing your skin out. It's a process.
  3. A good moisturizer for your skin type WITH SPF IN IT. YOU TOO DARK SKINNED HOMIES. If anything start with that. Every day. Put it by the sink and after you wash your face in the morning or after you brush your teeth you put that shit on like it's your job because it is.
The rest my darlings is candy and fun.

At some point I will make a post all about how I shop for make up on the internet and what type of things I splurge on vs what I am cheap about.



Later taters.

Homo Out.


Monday, October 01, 2012

Well then.

Holy shit hi new folks.

Let me warn you now posts for the next couple of weeks are going to be light.

For those who are new here I am a writer of things other than this blog.

You can see my published fiction and non fiction here at my author website. From there you can read my published works, you can buy some self published things. You can even read my blog that is dedicated to the craft, business, stupidity and whatnot of being a writer and reader.

So just so we all know, this little blog is my personal litterbox. Yes I blog about a lot of things like fatness and whatnot but, at this little address I have been blogging for a long time about whatever the hell I feel like and that will continue.

Other things that won't change.

I am a foul mouthed cranky little fucker.

I am.

Also for those who asked the deal with the adult warning is that a very dedicated troll I had for quite a while reported me to blogger for quite a while and finally on a post long long ago, got Blogger not to pull or block my blog as was threatened but I was booted off of adwords and given an adult warning.

Other stuff to know.

I am queer as fuck. If you need an identifier that one pretty much covers it. I'm a dirty filthy old joyous pervert.

As you might have already surmised new readers, I do not put up with bullshit in my space. People can go to their litterboxes and pee in them at will but I do not let mine get peed in willy nilly.

For ease feel free to use feminine pronouns for me. If you don't want to that's fine. I don't have any issues with that in general although on occasion I do feel like a definite gendered Dude and I will say so.

To understand my vernacular which is what I use on this here little blog understand that 90% of the time when I use a traditionally gendered word, I'm not using it in a strictly traditional fashion.

Over on Tumblr (feel free to follow me, it's essentially what would happen if you dumped my brain on the internet) someone mistook me using Lady for WOMAN in a traditional sense. No no, no that's not how I roll. The Old Queens and Homos with whom I hung around at a formative time in my life, also didn't really use gendered words in a specifically gendered way. Watch Paris is Burning to get an idea of what I'm saying.

Also as angry as I might seem at any given time, I'm usually only angry about things that cause me pain, cause my friends pain, or that I am passionate about. If I don't care about something I won't talk about it. This little blog is (to be admittedly melodramatic) generally a product of one passion or another.

That being what it is, do not come into my yard with any hipster hurrhurr you care about things bullshit I will read you to filth.

Play like you have some common sense in comments.

Regarding comments, I don't have a comment policy. Unless something is clearly spam I won't delete it. I may be slow if a comment needs moderating but I will get to it.

If I feel like you're coming at me foul or being an asshole I will not be nice to you. I have a limited number of spoons to deal with bullshit and I will cut shit off if I feel like it's detrimental to my sanity.

AH shit I'm also really long winded.

So the reason I'm going to be slower than usual this month is that some big deal things are going on.

I got invited to do my first professional type author reading in Portland this month so I'm gearing up for that, my partner and I have our anniversary at the end of the month and I'm getting ready to release a ittle collection of smutty Halloween themed tiny stories.

Lots of shit happening.

If you have questions feel free to use the search function in the upper lefthand corner, you can subscribe via RSS on the right if that's your flavor of thing and I think that's about all.

Homo Out.


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