Monday, October 08, 2012

Aesthetics, beauty notes.

For those of you who are new to me, let's talk about the fact that I hate cold weather.

I mostly hate it because it does bad things to my skin, I hate wearing eleventy forty seven layers in an attempt to stay warm but not too hot.

The other thing on my mind is that because of the "improvements" by metro in King County I no longer can take a bus right from near where I live downtown. I am doing a lot of walking and I have to wait an hour at night for the bus so I won't be not wearing pants this winter.

I'm very upset about that.

So I am going to try to get into Old Navy and try pants on which I'm not happy about but I'd rather have a warm ass than feel cute and be frozen.

So that will be discussed until I find satisfactory pants.

What else?


For those who are new, I am a beauty obsessed super freak. I fucking LOVE all things glamorous  all things make up and I have very particular things I like in my make up.

I have had some new things over the past four months so let me make some recommendations.

For my brown skinned folks.

First I'm talking to you my homies who like me have brown or dark lips. Now if you're not wearing a full covrage color and have dark or highly pigmented lips it can be a process to find things that look good.

Let's talk sheer glosses that make dark lips look like POW.

First up is Goldfinger Hologloss by DarlingGirl Cosmetics. Unfortunately I can't get a good picture of it on my lips but this gold shimmer is gorgeous on my dark naked lips. The gold isn't too opaque but has enough bling to just be beautiful. It also works very nicely as a gold toner to darker lipsticks.

Also from Darling Girl Planet X Hologloss. This is a weird looking gloss but the shimmer in it has the most lovely dark sparkle to it. I think for anyone with closer to black/purple lips you need this gloss. The way it catches the light is fantastic.

For a commercial gloss I have recently fallen in love with Colour Riche Le Gloss from L'Oreal. I bought one totally on a whim because I have a weakness for dark purple lippies, I bought this in Plum Rush and while it's not super pigmented I do love the subtle wash of plum and the knock out shine. I will probably pick a few more of these up.

For those who want some color deposit, not a lot of shine and long lasting moisture let me introduce you to Babylips.  I for serious like this product so much I have three of them right now. The Cherry flavor will leave a nice red tint on lips that can build up during the day/wish reapplication. It's not very shiny, not heavily flavored and offers some lasting moisture. I have cherry, grape vine and pink punch. The pink one I have to be a tad careful with because it's almost too pigmented/light pink but overall for 4$ this is a super product. They go nicely over lipstains or to perk up a fading lip stain.

I am a lip product fiend. I crave new ones to try out.

And what entry about lip products would be complete without me giving a shoutout to one of the few places I straight up advertise for?

This here:

If my Detrivore Cosmetics Affiliate link.

I put it here (and you can get to it anytime in the bar to your right) because I honestly am a huge huge fan of Detrivore  I'm going to pull rank for a second AND mention that I have watched the owner blossom from a few pretty awesome shades to an entire store full of beautiful quality cosmetics. She has a gift.

Now what do I love from Detrivore?

The Lip balm, called Embalming Tubes is really great. I honestly tend not to buy indie lip balms because 90% of the time they are just not quite what I need. Embalming tubes were a whole other story. They apply silky, they are flavored but not overwhelmingly so. I also don't like lip balm in pots and these come in cute black balm tubes. The moisture levels are impressive for an indie product. I have some big old lips and they require a lot of moisture especially when I am at work because I sit under an air vent so my lips get dry. If you try one thing from Detrivore I highly recommend it is the embalming tubes.

If you are just starting out wearing make up here is what I feel like you're gonna want to need:

  1. Eye make up remover. If you are going to wear any eye make up, have remover on hand. Personally I prefer oil free, I use a store brand version of a Neutrogena one. I also have liked the L'Oreal one, the Dove one, there's a Oil of Olay one. I don't recommend using those pad/handiwipe things. Buy the bottle and a container of cotton squares or rounds.
  2. Good skin cleanser. Your goal is to make sure your cleanser can remove any foundation or things you put on your face without stressing your skin out. It's a process.
  3. A good moisturizer for your skin type WITH SPF IN IT. YOU TOO DARK SKINNED HOMIES. If anything start with that. Every day. Put it by the sink and after you wash your face in the morning or after you brush your teeth you put that shit on like it's your job because it is.
The rest my darlings is candy and fun.

At some point I will make a post all about how I shop for make up on the internet and what type of things I splurge on vs what I am cheap about.



Later taters.

Homo Out.


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Kit Jordan said...

Last I checked Old Navy doesn't carry their plus sizes in-store anymore, but you can still get them online. The upside is that if you order and it doesn't fit, you can still return it in-store so you don't have to mail it back.

If you can afford Gap prices, they also offer plus sizes of their web site, and they tend to use more quality materials/construction, in my experience.

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