Friday, October 26, 2012

Dressing inappropriately for fun and

I have always had a hard time with the idea of dressing appropriately.

From being 4-5 years old and being VERY annoyed that wearing nothing but my yellow rain slicker and matching wellies to club wear in the day time as an adult.

It's just not my jam and is in fact a big part of why I left mainstream corporate America.

I could lie and tell you that it's a statement of some sort but it's not. I just want to wear whatever strikes my fancy at all times.

For instance.

Today I wore (couldn't get a good picture, one of the problems of wearing all black 99% of the time) a black long sleeve velvet cocktail dress. I picked it up at the remnants of the Goodwill Glitter sale  (also note Seattle GOTHS GET ON THAT, no seriously you should) and it came with this hideous attached bib thing and a little jacket both of which I jettisoned.


I have worn ball skirts to work, platform boots, pleather pants whatever.

Here's the thing.

I honestly do not give a fuck about what anyone says about how I dress.

I just don't.

I tried to pretend I did. I tried at one point purging my wardrobe of anything weird or gothy and wore a lot of tshirts, khakis and jeans for a while. That is fine if you like it but I hated it.

As I've discovered over the years regardless of what my body is doing (fatter, thinner, sicker, whatever) a huge part of my self esteem revolves around aesthetically pleasing myself.

From what I wear, to my hair to my make up which is also often not "daytime" appropriate.

Fuck that.

I am privileged enough to work a job where as long as I am not naked nobody really cares what I wear. To that end I dress to make myself happy.

I wear my ridiculous socks from Sock Dreams, frequently I get my office Goth on in slacks and whatever.

My big constraints are usually practicality.

I need to wear things that can stand up to my walking and commuting. Unfortunately as I am dealing with right now that means I need pants.

If you're new, let me tell you I fucking hate pants.

That being what it is I am trying RLY hard to buy pants I like.

However I am also realizing again that I hate winter clothing. I honestly do. I hate pull over sweaters save for a very few, I hate high neck shirts, I hate most long sleeves, blablabla.

I am trying to be an adult.

Over the years many people have taken issue with how I dress myself or make up my face.

Ready for my super secret to dealing with that without freaking out?

I look people in the face, smile and ask how many of my bills they are paying? Or if they'd like to pay for a new wardrobe for me of their liking?

Answer is always none and no.

Back to Winter.

I feel like I want to conquer winter dressing. To that end I have stocked up on socks from Sock Dreams, I am looking at jeggings/other skinny pants. I'm going to buy some more shirts and whatnot for layering.

I will buy more tall boots.

I am getting a new coat.

Shit is getting real.

Okay that's all for now. I have shopping to do and cold weather dressing to conquer.

Homo Out.

PS..I will post about my reading/outfit etc tomorrow.

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