Monday, October 01, 2012

Well then.

Holy shit hi new folks.

Let me warn you now posts for the next couple of weeks are going to be light.

For those who are new here I am a writer of things other than this blog.

You can see my published fiction and non fiction here at my author website. From there you can read my published works, you can buy some self published things. You can even read my blog that is dedicated to the craft, business, stupidity and whatnot of being a writer and reader.

So just so we all know, this little blog is my personal litterbox. Yes I blog about a lot of things like fatness and whatnot but, at this little address I have been blogging for a long time about whatever the hell I feel like and that will continue.

Other things that won't change.

I am a foul mouthed cranky little fucker.

I am.

Also for those who asked the deal with the adult warning is that a very dedicated troll I had for quite a while reported me to blogger for quite a while and finally on a post long long ago, got Blogger not to pull or block my blog as was threatened but I was booted off of adwords and given an adult warning.

Other stuff to know.

I am queer as fuck. If you need an identifier that one pretty much covers it. I'm a dirty filthy old joyous pervert.

As you might have already surmised new readers, I do not put up with bullshit in my space. People can go to their litterboxes and pee in them at will but I do not let mine get peed in willy nilly.

For ease feel free to use feminine pronouns for me. If you don't want to that's fine. I don't have any issues with that in general although on occasion I do feel like a definite gendered Dude and I will say so.

To understand my vernacular which is what I use on this here little blog understand that 90% of the time when I use a traditionally gendered word, I'm not using it in a strictly traditional fashion.

Over on Tumblr (feel free to follow me, it's essentially what would happen if you dumped my brain on the internet) someone mistook me using Lady for WOMAN in a traditional sense. No no, no that's not how I roll. The Old Queens and Homos with whom I hung around at a formative time in my life, also didn't really use gendered words in a specifically gendered way. Watch Paris is Burning to get an idea of what I'm saying.

Also as angry as I might seem at any given time, I'm usually only angry about things that cause me pain, cause my friends pain, or that I am passionate about. If I don't care about something I won't talk about it. This little blog is (to be admittedly melodramatic) generally a product of one passion or another.

That being what it is, do not come into my yard with any hipster hurrhurr you care about things bullshit I will read you to filth.

Play like you have some common sense in comments.

Regarding comments, I don't have a comment policy. Unless something is clearly spam I won't delete it. I may be slow if a comment needs moderating but I will get to it.

If I feel like you're coming at me foul or being an asshole I will not be nice to you. I have a limited number of spoons to deal with bullshit and I will cut shit off if I feel like it's detrimental to my sanity.

AH shit I'm also really long winded.

So the reason I'm going to be slower than usual this month is that some big deal things are going on.

I got invited to do my first professional type author reading in Portland this month so I'm gearing up for that, my partner and I have our anniversary at the end of the month and I'm getting ready to release a ittle collection of smutty Halloween themed tiny stories.

Lots of shit happening.

If you have questions feel free to use the search function in the upper lefthand corner, you can subscribe via RSS on the right if that's your flavor of thing and I think that's about all.

Homo Out.


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Fat Fox said...

Hi Shannon,

I'm a new-folk around here. Glad to have come across your little corner of the web.

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