Friday, October 26, 2012

Yet more reasons why I refuse to identify as a feminist.

For starters let me say up front and right away that as feminism is done right this minute, it makes me more than glad I gave it up a long long time ago.

Just recently.

Caitlin Moran one of the feminists darlings of the media, thinks it's cute to say she doesn't give a shit about it when someone asked her a question pertaining to her interview with Lena Dunham, about POC.

As per usual because you can never tell Whiteness no, despite numerous people having a problem, people are told to be nice to her. Look up to her, LOOK what wonders she is doing.

Per usual, White women are making BIG fucking money shitting on people of color.

White women continue to plagiarize, distort and profit from the work of WOC with fucking impunity.If we have the audacity to demand credit for our work, apologies for it being stolen or anything we're blown off, we're told we're overreacting, we're told that intersectionality is just too hard and Feminism is mostly White and educated anyway.

Our anger is mocked. You don't fucking listen.

We get false empty "apologies" for the sake of some asshole wanting to come off as the victim of needless bullying and OH NO THE MEAN OLD COLORED PEOPLE.

The women who paved the way for feminism hated us. They tried to eradicate us. Our supposed heroines would have sterilized us (go do your own fucking research about that).

Black women especially are at the bottom of the heap.

We are never saved, we are never defended, everyone feels free to steal from us, use us as their examples of whatever societal bullshit is the flavor of the day. We are blamed for the decline of society, we are reduced to inanimate objects until someone wants something.

There is no safety for us.

There is no sanctuary.

We can't talk to each other without having to cut through White Supremacist bullshit. We can't have our own space for feminism. We can't be a part of Feminism as it is done now because the White women are too fragile to be called on and dealt with appropriately when they do fucked up shit.

We can't talk about our hair, out bodies, our sexuality without White women wanting to take over and "teach" us.

We can't escape the fetishism of White men.

We can't be beautiful.

We can't be innocent.

And to put the stink on the shit, every single one of the white feminists I've named and countless others in their pursuit of feminist goals for "everyone" who gets stepped on?

Caitlin Moran at least was up front and said she doesn't give a shit because I do not believe 90% of self identified white feminists give a shit about women of color.

I don't believe it because 90% of you don't behave like you do.

You hush WOC, you shoo us out if we are too "aggressive" or "angry".

You tell us that if only we were quieter and nicer about things maybe you'd listen.

You spew the same type of misogynist shit out of one side of your mouth while demanding equal rights with the other.

I SMELL you.

I see you mother fuckers.

So no I am not a feminist because feminism does not give a fuck about me.

I am not a feminist because I will not divorce my opinions and voice from my Blackness ever.

I am not a feminist because I refuse to stay quiet when people hurt me.

I am not a feminist because I will not allow anyone regardless of how educated, wealthy, famous on the internet, how many followers or book deals they have to tell me that in order for me to be allowed my femininity and be let into the club, I need to assimilate and be more like all the other nice white ladies.

No fuck you.

This is not a new anger.

This is an anger that simmers and boils over almost daily because it doesn't matter what we say, all of you will always default to the White position because of course, Intersectionality (read: POC saying things that don't fit into Whiteness nicely or when not being a racist is just too fucking hard) is hard.

At the rate things are going, I will not ever identify with Feminism again. Even if I'm not collecting links of wrongdoing or fucked up tactics I see what you're doing.

We see what you're doing.

Also I am calling an eternal moratorium and calling forever bullshit on any variation of saying that anyone "didn't know better".

Fuck you and that disingenuous shit.

This is 20 mother fucking 12. We are living in the future.

There are more instantly available resources on things like how not to be a racist fucking shitbag on the internet freely available than there are reasons why I don't approve of this behavior.

If you can read this, if you can facebook, if you can twitter, if you can google to find the most chic twee bar in your neighborhood do not fucking say anyone didn't know better.

That is the worst kind of victim pose bullshit.

Don't tell me you can't figure it out when you talk to me about how very educated you are. Fuck you.

Fuck you, you wasted your education if you can't find a single resource you understand about how not to be a racist.

In conclusion let me say this.

No, no I will not be a feminist.

I am not going to support racist fucking assholes for the good of any cause because it is detrimental to my actual life.

If you can't understand that, this is not the blog for you.

I am not your friend and you are not mine.

If this hurt your feelings good, if your feelings are hurt you are probably guilty of some flavor of racist flavored bullshit and now is a good time to start working on that.

That's all.

Homo Out.



Carolmerel said...

This term, one of my classes is called Majority/Minority relations. I haven't even finished the first week, and already there is an insane amount of white privilege denial, 'reverse' racism fear mongering, and plenty of "but I don't see color therefore racism doesn't exist". We even have one gem of "My boyfriend is black and he says white people don't have privilege."

The level of anger, stabbyness, and utter horror I feel at this is unparalleled in my life. Which makes me sit here humbled to read your blog post and think - holy fuck I can't imagine not being able to escape this even for a second. I'm white. My class term will end.

I guess that's my way of saying that I see/hear your anger. I felt super uncomfortable reading the post since my white guilt kept popping up and saying "but I didn't do it!". But my goal is to read this, fuck discomfort, and truly listen.

My career goal is to become a counselor who works with minority groups. Your blog is helping me to make sure that I am not a knee-jerk fuckwad when I get there.

Ollie said...

Great post, thanks.

One of the things I am concerned about is how the idea of intersectionality is making us complacent about racism in particular. Almost all the 'feminist' blogs I read have called out this particular instance of racism, and all of them smugly mention intersectionality, as if this is somehow enough. As if just being aware how problematic Moran's attitude is, and being aware how overtly racist feminism has been in the past, means we don't have to really examine how racist feminism still is now.

It is all too easy to say "look how bad this is! Thank goodness we're not like that here/anymore." I mean, yes it's important to acknowledge these instances, but it's nothing like enough, and I kinda think that the word "intersectionality" is becoming devalued through its use as a catch-all for 'progressives' to prove to themselves and others that they're not the problem. It's almost as if just having a word for it makes the actual work of doing it less necessary. Like, we know the terminology, so it looks like we're putting the work in, so surely that's enough?

I'm not excusing myself from this either. I'm not holding myself up as an example, because I think I'm just as guilty of this. But it's something I'm becoming more and more aware of and uncomfortable about.

JoannaDW said...

I have to agree with this. I am a white woman, so I have not experienced these issues in the same way and thus cannot fully relate to your life. However, it is precisely BECAUSE I cannot relate to it that I believe you when you speak. I am not you and I would have a lot of nerve telling you you're wrong about your own life. Plus, even though I do not relate to the race aspect of it, I completely identify with the larger patterns here. While I have white privilege, I have other reasons to be marginalized, the most important one being my social class. I can't tell you the number of times I have tried to tell people with more money/education/class privilege than me that they're wrong, that they don't speak for me, that I see things differently, etc. only to have them shout me down. No, I didn't mean it that way! No, that's NOT what's happening! No, this is what's BEST FOR YOU! Basically, when I tell them about stuff that actually happens to me, I'm told that it didn't really happen or that I'm wrong. Getting heard is like spitting in the ocean and it makes you want to give up.

And yes, I have seen more than a few instances where white people speak for WOC and then when WOC say something to contradict it, all the white people swarm in and tell them that they're wrong. How about this? How about we let people speak for themselves? Maybe we won't all agree. We can't and we shouldn't. But we should at least have the courtesy to BELIEVE people when they talk about their lives and respect where they're coming from, instead of assuming that they're just too dumb/brainwashed/angry, etc. to know better.

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