Friday, November 30, 2012

Why I've never become a famous blogger.

I was just reading this piece by Natalie Perkins over at XOJane and it set me to thinking.

I am very firmly aware that one of the reasons I have never become a famous blogger is that I am indeed political, not shy about sharing those politics and I'm terribly honest.

If you've read me for a while you know, if something is shit I will say it is shit.

As you may note if you read me in a browser window I run a couple of ads. One for Detrivore Cosmetics and one for Babeland.


Outside of the fact that yes, even I like making a few pennies those are both companies I am into.

I sometimes also use affiliate links but I promise only for shit I like.

Now back to Fatshion.

I honestly stopped following a lot of fashion blogs closely.

Here's the thing.

Most Fatshion is not accessible to me. I'm poor. I am in the make it work category of smaller sized fat folks.

When I do fashion blog I try really hard to be more inclusive because I'm here for my fellow broke fat folks regardless of size.

For me, when I talk about make it work fatshion I'm talking about learning how to make it work when you have to at whatever size you are.

Thus, I am not a famous fatshion blogger.

Also sometimes too much fatshion focuses on shit I don't care about. I don't care about trends, I care about my own aesthetic which as I might remind you I am calling Nazgul Realness.

Thus I am not a famous Fatshion Blogger.

Also I'm really not into the idea that fat fashion must always be so aspirational and Fashiony. I am glad that for some folks it does need to be Fashiony and pretty, for me that isn't my jam. I honestly get tired of (like every other corner of FA in general) becoming all about the presentable white fat person who is pretty and nice.

That is not really my jam either.

For me when it comes to Fatshion, it's often a double edged thing. On one hand it does my heart good to see fat folks getting their Fashion on especially if it is a statement type thing.

That is why I joined Fatshionista on LJ years ago to begin with. I wanted to see lots of clothes on fat bodies of varying sorts.

And then Fatshionista just got kind of jerky for some reason. A lot of "critique" which seemed to me to be a thin means of just being assholes.

So I found others to follow.

And honestly if it's all just pretty pretty pretty PRETTY it's not for me.

I need more substance than squee about whatever line of clothing or shop.

So what am I actually saying?

I don't know.

I guess that at this point after all these years of blogging, I am seeing more and more why I am not more famous. When people ask me why I'm not it's a pretty easy answer.

I am not easy.

I am not an easily digestible blogger for lots of reasons. I am not White, I am not heterosexual, I am not all about the pretty, I'm not always nice and most of all I am unwilling to downplay any of those things to make anyone else comfortable.

So I wear my ads with pride.  Both Babeland and Detrivore chose me because they both like my space for different reasons and they are people I would throw all of my money at if I could.

All that said I do have some more fat fashion make it work blogging to do.

I recently purchased new boots and I am going to try to do a tutorial on how to with a friend or partner in crime, lace boots so they fit and show you some of my own tricks for getting lace up boots to fit over my calves.

I also have some notes about how I am navigating my anti pants stance, cold weather, AND oh shit I forgot to tell y'all about my fabulous coat.

I found my perfect full length (almost too long) black, non wool, hooded coat. At Value Village. It's a size 20 which is too big for me but doods, it cost me like 15$. And it still had tags on it.

So the COAT OF AWESOME (it is witchy and wonderful) is helping me wear fewer pants.

AND I also have something kind of really serious I want to share with you guys but I"m nervous about it so I'll be working up to it okay? Bear with me, it's kind of a thing and I'm not entirely sure about how to broach the subject without making myself crazy.

BUT I want to because it's a thing and I'm being cryptic so I'll stop.

Pardon me if this is all over the place. I have had the worst cold this week and am feeling not right.

But remember my homies and haters.

I love you.

ALSO I am working on a follow up to my self care guide. With more right to the point instructional type things. How to get into the habit of doing self care, some self care things you can do with your friends either in meat space OR on the internets.

Okay now I am so full of hot sauce laced pho I can't think.

Homo Out.



maggiemunkee said...

i am so looking forward to your guide to boot lacing. i have pair of standard docs (12 holes maybe? not that high) that don't fit around my calves. i've had them for 12 years. since i was dx'ed with lupus i have noticed that my fingers are normally swollen and ouchy, and lacing wasn't working so well. i swapped the laces for rainbow stretchy cord i got from a craft store. i can't figure out a good way to lace and tie them. you'd think that with all the goddamn rope-inclined kinkster friends i have i'd have solved this problem by now. alas, it has not happened. shannon to the rescue!

wriggles said...

I don't want to be famous, just rich.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Though I've been away for a while, whenever I revisit, I remember why I like it, for the exact reasons you mention. Funny thing is, we are super different, yet that's the beauty of the web, that we have the opportunity to look into each other's lives.

Regarding why you're not a famous blogger, if you look at the famous blogs that have a following of +5000 on FB, say people like Dainty Squid and Cupcake's Clothes, you will find that they are all about being part of an "alternative" (by this I mean non-mainstream) culture, yet they are full of positivity and cuteness.

Yet those that act more like "prophets" of their time, I mean those that blog about what's wrong with the world, their depression, their struggle to live, etc... will have fewer readers because that's how it's always been. People want the sunny side more than the shadier side. Things to smile at more than things to ponder.

But you're not negative, don't get me wrong. You just say it as it is.

Lots of love to you,

A reader in Chile.

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