Friday, February 01, 2013

About it being Black History Month.

Annually I make a post about this.

So let's get to it so I can get it over with.

A few bullet points:

  1. I fucking hate Black History Month.
  2. It is the Most Racist Month Of the Year.
  3. White people whom I normally like, engage in a lot of fuckery because OMG WHAT ABOUT THE WHITE PEOPLE..
Because of these things and a myriad of others here are rules for this here bloggy blog for february.

  • Do not make me the Black Friend who you ask asshole questions of. Just don't. Don't ask me why Black people do X thing, do not call me sassy, do not ask me shit this month about Black people or about racism.Nothing. Not this month.
  • Do not send me links about stories involving Black people unless you see that my work has been plagiarized or my name is on it.
  • Do not tell me how much you love Black people.
  • Do not tell me how much you look forward to Black History Month.
  • Just don't.
Now white folks who want to do something ally like and useful for Black history month instead of quoting MLK at your friends, you can do this.

Give your friends this link where you can read a bunch of my posts about privilege. If you're a newer reader you can read those especially if you are just starting to figure out privilege issues.

You can also read here a long list of posts about racism.

Some suggestions about how to interact with other Black Folks during Black history month. 

  1. Do not ever ask any Black person EVER why there is no White History month. Just. Don't.
  2. Do not talk about the awesome things for Black people and include BET.
  3. Do not quote MLK, Malcom X or any other important Black figure at Black people like you fully understand how important they are. Also don't do that if you believe that MLK was only full of puppies and sunshine.
  4. Do not make any reluctance on the part of Black people to talk about racism or Black history with you White people, about you or your feelings or how you need to be educated. 
  5. Do not tell Black people how to respond to anything ever. This is tone policing, This makes you an asshole so don't.
  6. Do not expect hugs, cookies or pats on the back for not being a racist.
  7. Do not expect hugs, cookies or pats on the back for being vocally not a racist.

Also let me say this.

If you break my rules in my space I will not be nice to you.

I will embarrass you on the internet. I am not fucking around. This is a hard limit/boundary.

I am Not. Having. It. 

Some other suggested reading okay?

How Not to be a Dick to your Black friend. By Senam “SistaTV” Amegashie. I will encourage you to read some of the comments to get a good object lesson in how to be a racist bag of dicks.

Want to do something good? Be a good ally?

Support Black Art. Start with some of this stuff buy some awesome books by Black folks.

From the Amazon page:

The Black Futurists are a forward-thinking arts think tank where artists & theorists are invited to come together to build projects influenced by the realities of black science fiction and the science fiction of black reality. Our mission is to create new, liberating mythologies.
Do you like erotica or erotic horror? Go buy some books by my dear friend Anthony. 

Go out of your way to find some new Black artists, Black authors. Donate to Black media projects. Read some Black beauty blogs.

I fully endorse giving silent or monetary support to Black art and media that you have never seen before.

Write about those things and your experience with them.

Want to do more?

Don't let other White people do the things I've talked about above. Start not being afraid to look at your Mom, brother, cousin or bestie and say, Hey that is fucked up and racist and you need to stop and here's why.

Commit to working on your own behavior and the things you say. Learn how to not perpetrate microaggressions, unlearn the idea that Black people should or will be nice and educational when you have a question or have done something wrong.

Commit to shutting the fuck up when you fuck up. Say I'm sorry and shut your mouth.

Commit to learning about a wider view of Blackness that is beyond MLK loved everyone/Black people are cool. What I mean by that is question what you've been taught. Read more. Shit watch some documentaries.

So there we go.

I will end with this for the people who will undoubtedly send me upset messages that I have hurt their feelers with my Angry Black Woman thing.

Homo Out.



Garen said...

I live in England so Black History Month is in October, but I'll definitely be posting this around the internet when the time comes.

The Real Cie said...

As a white person, I can say to other white people who get up in arms about "what about white history month:"
In the United States at least, white people have had the upper hand ever since they came to this country. White people are still the majority race. It's not like white men, at any rate, are considered second class citizens. (Women of all races are pretty much considered second class citizens.)
Bitch, we do not need a "white history month."
It would be kind of nice if we could get to a point where we didn't feel the need to have an any particular race history month.
I suppose the one plus about black history month is the fact that it potentially prompts students to find out about some of the accomplishments of great people who happened to be black.

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