Friday, March 01, 2013

Beauty? Yes please.

Things have been way too serious in these parts.

My birthday is in a couple of weeks.

I am turning 36 and I am delighted mostly.

I am not delighted with the fact that instead of an awesome chest tattoo, I have to buy a new computer for home instead. I'm not super excited about that but, I gotta write.

Can we talk about my skin for a minute?

Over the past year or so I made some decisions because as you may recall if you've read me for a while my biggest self esteem killer is my face. My skin to be more precise.

I have had extraordinarily oily, acne prone sensitive skin since puberty. Once upon a time I followed ALL the oily skin advice, over the years I've spent thousands on products both high end and low end, a lot of them irritated my skin. Proactive burned my face and left scars that took a few years to heal.

My face and I have been through a lot.

Now I want to tell you how I have improved my skin and give you some tips okay?

The first thing I did was find a cleanser that is bar none the best I have ever used in my life. One Hand Washes the Other makes Black Magic. Now this is an activated charcoal and herby soap that is in fact fucking magic.This is what I wanted that Coal face product from Lush to be. Soap or no this is gentle, it is handmade so it makes me feel fancy, and it just works.

The fact is, when one has skin that is both oily and sensitive it's important to find that cleanser that leaves your face clean but not stripped. This is it for me.

Now before you run out and try it, remember my rules my homies. Unless a product causes skin irritation or undue redness, you must use it for at least 3 months before really judging it. Especially if you have periods.

Periods will put your cleansers to the test. Hormonal changes during your cycle can put your skin through stresses that will test the efficacy of your products. Give your skin time to adjust and for the product to get to working.

The next thing I changed was that someone gifted me a Clarisonic. Holy shit. Prior to that I had been using facial brushes for a few years. My favorite of those was this one also from Sephora. Okay, I'm not going to blow smoke. This Clarisonic, amazing. My face is cleaner, smoother and more importantly I have seen a huge difference in how my skin feels. It is really expensive but honestly worth it to me.

More changes?

Hell yes.

One of the things happening as I get older is my face marks up far more easily. I have been doing battle with everything leaving dark marks on my face for the last couple of years. My plan initially was to use Ambi Fade cream daily but, it irritated my skin and I wasn't able to use it regularly enough to make a difference.

So I decided to change my approach. I upped my daily water intake, I got back on my hair nail and skin vitamins and I first added a gentle peel to my skin reggie. I tried a really expensive one and didn't like it so I went to my dear friend Sumayyah and shopped in her Avon shop. As an aside here, she also makes beautiful jewelry and if you shop Avon shoot her some business. Her and her family are good people.

So I bought the avon peel and I really like it. I've been using it for a couple of months and I like what it's doing. It helps keep blackheads at bay, some of my smaller marks and divots have faded and smoothed. I'm down.

The big thing I did though was I invested in some MAJOR moisturizer. I bought this after extensive research and comparing it to other things. I purchased Korres Wild Rose+Vitamin C nighttime brightening facial. First there was sticker shock. This shit is I kid you not 48$.

I started using it in January and I did not want to love it because it costs almost 50$. However I love it. First of all I really love the smell of roses so that part is magical. Now as for the brightening and smoothing.

I am loathe to say this (because holyshit exepsive) but this product works. It is very thick and creamy so it doesn't take a lot. I've been using it faithfully every night for about two months now and my skin is in fact brighter. Uniballer has noticed and I actually went down a shade in foundation.

Also some of my lighter marks have faded and the big black mark on my forehead has faded considerably. I will keep using this stuff until the wheels fall off.

Now the next big thing I did was last month I saved up some coffee money and bought high quality serious foundation.

I went into Sephora looking to get color matched and came out with a nice sample, okay hold on. Yes, people here is a trick I learned a long time ago. Go to a high end counter or into a Sephora and get a sample of a color that works for you. Then you take that sample to drug stores and stuff and find a color as close as you can. Easy foundation matching.

Okay so I went for high end. I wanted medium to full coverage, buildable with lasting power and came out with Make Up Forever Mat Velvet foundation in #70. This is another expensive ass product but with Uniballer's encouragement I figured fuck it. I'm about to be 36, I work, I deserve a fancy thing. And a fancy thing it is. I cannot express to y'all how much I love this foundation. It blends easily and sets beautifully with a variety of powders.

I also switched back to contact lenses for the next year or so.

Right now as I am about to turn 36 and the weather is slowly but surely warming up, Old Goth is Old and mother fucking happy.

My body is kind of being an asshole. I've not lost any more weight thankfully and I am right about at a point where I can manage myself and keep my weight stable. I've relearned that because I am short and a small fatty, juniors plus sizes tend to work out better for me than grown up lady plus sizes. Especially with skirts. I have bought from Deb Shops (SO GLAD SOMEONE TURNED ME ONTO THEM) and the length is right without me having to pull the waistband up to or over my tits.

SO want to see my face?

This is probably my most recent favorite make up look and kind of what I'm doing right now with different lip colors.

This is my smokey eye look. Detrivore Abyss eyeshadow over Smashbox gel liner. A touch of Detrivore frost in the inner corner of the eye. Nude pinky lips.

Or I do some cat eye liner, various lips.

Next week I'm going to tell you all about the lip colors I'm obsessed with and show you my cosmetic wishlists for this year.

Homo Out.



Sumayyah said...

Thanks for the shout out! You look beautiful. Glad you're enjoying your Avon purchases.

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous. And thanks for the Black Magic tip - I've got a big bar on the way.

long time reader, first time commenter

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