Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To Continue from yesterday.

I got some questions about my post yesterday so let's talk about it more.

Anon said this:

I think this is a great post and it brings to mind another issue that I have run across in the general FA'sphere. Sometimes I'll read a missive by a super fat person who is basically saying FA is not for them because they happen to be really sick and really do have issues like joint pain, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other "fat related" illnesses and they say things like "you don't understand FA activist, I need diets, I need WLS!" and I just don't know what to say. Because if someone wants to do that, who am I to say no? It's their body. And yet i think FA has something to say to them, but I'm not sure what they can hear and what they are willing to hear. I hope this makes sense!;
Laura dropped this in the comments:

Anonymous, I come across that issue sometimes too. The best response I've seen is this post by Kate Harding. It's six years old, but still completely relevant

I personally was not/am not really into that Kate Harding post.

Particularly this:

But dieting and WLS are still not good solutions for “some people.” They are lousy fucking solutions for everyone.
Now I know this bucks against what a lot of people in FA believe but I personally am not putting that on people who are uncomfortable in their bodies for whatever reason.

I also won't sign off and say that weight loss can never and will never do anything to help anybody which at times is how FA can come off about the subject. I don't believe that.

I don't think it's ideal but frankly they are the options some people have. The reality is, at some point there are people who are just going to not be okay with weight gain/whatever their weight. That isn't invalid, it isn't antithetical to fat or body acceptance it's human nature. I don't personally believe in alienting those people if they are not willing to convert to a no diet ever type life.

I would never ever presume to tell people no you shouldn't/can't make that decision because it's antithetical to my beliefs/science whatever.

I would say that WLS is often dangerous and help people get information that isn't biased towards getting surgery. I have told people about things like fat yoga etc.

I don't believe that it serves people who are Deathfat or superfat to suddenly adopt the same kind of paternalistic YER WRONG attitude that Health as morality types take with anyone who doesn't look healthy.

I just don't.

One of the other reasons I don't take the DO NOT EVER stance is because I understand that sometimes losing that ten pounds you've gained means you don't have to spend money on new pants. For me weight fluctuation go beyond self image and mean I will panic (as I've talked about) because if it's cold I don't have pants to wear, I don't drive and need pants when it's cold. There are situations in our lives when yes, that ten pounds is vital and I would never tell someone they can't or shouldn't deal with it the way they see fit.

Also a few people (new readers I'm assuming) don't really understand what I talk about when I'm talking about the health obsessed.

By that I'm talking about the people who use the appearance as health as barometers for any/all of the following:

  • Morality
  • Fuckability (as part of being a good personal)
  • Using it as the basis of whether or not to treat someone with dignity or respect.
  • Using it as a weapon to batter and bully people.
Etc etc.

We can use the term Healthists that works. It's all the same deal.

I'm not talking about people who are very concerned with their health. That is not a problem and I encourage that. Get it if you are into it.

My problem is when people mistake the binarist ideal of Thin Pretty White Lady Beauty as being what Health (capital H) looks like.

Health is not an appearance.

Health is not a number on the BMI chart or scale.

Health is not all or nothing.

Essentially my problem is with people who do things like try to take food out of my cart at the store, who talk to me like I am a toddler if I have something that isn't on their personal idea of good food, people who think it's totally appropriate to stop me on the street to lecture me about the size of my ass, or to inquire about my blood sugar levels or blood pressure.

Those people are a fucking menace and they are everywhere from the street to my doctors office.

So again new folks coming in from links elsewhere or from the Fatosphere.

Remember this is next level shit.

This isn't' let's hold hands 101.

This is let's fuck shit up 505.

Next thing.

A couple of people recently have noticed that while I am generally having a fat centric space I do make a lot of effort to be inclusive.

Fact is FA is not just for fat people. I do believe that some conversations and spaces need to be only for fat people. That said I believe he concepts of FA need to be spread to the masses. Beyond how fat or not fat they are. 

As I've said before I don't believe that change when it comes t bodily politics will come from the top dow from the macro culture down to the micro culture.

FA is something that needs to spread micro up. You apply these things in your life, you share them with your friends and loved ones and bang boom bam. People with bodies are doing stuff that is detrimental to fat and body shaming society.

That is about all for today. Tomorrow we fashion and I want to talk to my poor fat folks with particular aesthetics and how we can make it work.

Homo out.


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Wanda Bates said...

Health is not an appearance.
It's so simple, and yet so many have been brainwashed into believing that it is.
People who blather on about wanting someone to lose weight "for your health" really mean "I don't like the way you look." They want everyone to look like Vogue or Playboy models.

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