Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Little Truthiness.

Okay I know some of y'all are new so bear with me.

Despite there being a bunch of you who are new and in from the fatosphere here are some trufax.

I am not new at this.

I have been blogging about bodies and things for more than a hot minute.

Some other stuff.

Readers both new and old have asked me pretty often about some issues and I want to talk about them today.

Normally those questions are about things like:

Articles on bodies, fatness, self care etc that seem a little too similar but not similar enough to my work to be outright plagiarism.

My lack of fame and/or infamy.


So here's the thing folks. There are very serious reasons and some of them include the fact that I am not a pretty White Lady. I'm not an educated White Lady and I am not a nice white Lady.

I am also not a fashion blogger so I can't be put down to being the Fabulous Sassy Fatshionable person.

As we learned from the #solidarityisforwhitewomen twitter hashtag thing started by Mikki Kendall.. If one goes around reading various sources we see truth of the tab revealed.

I saw a lot of people focusing and centering the conversation about the fallout of it on White women. As with Fatness or Racism or Feminism, or anything at all.

That is why I am not as famous or attributed as some of you homies think I should be.

The fact is that regardless of what I have experienced, what I am talking about, how much I know about what I'm talking about, how articulate or inarticulate I am, what academic or vernacular speech I use: I am doubted.

There is no corner or issue I can speak about where a lot of the people who are the faces and voices of these issues will be considered the experts.

Beyond that as I've mentioned lately this is not Intersectional Body Politics 101. There is too much information and work done on that for anyone at this point to be unaware if they have an interest.

This little space is 505. This is intersectional

This is shit that a lot of people who are only into talking isms and politics as far as You go girl or can only handle hearing the hard shit from people who are just like them.

The reality is that because I am who I am and I write the way I write and what I write about, you will probably not see me as the face or voice of shit.

Frankly my homies, at times I get very tired of all of this. I want to rage quit writing about the hard things because I need to know why am I expending this energy and doing this work when I know damn well that if a White lady says the same damn thing in five minutes, THEN it all makes sense.

This is where I heave a long tired sigh.

And then I think about those of you I've helped. Those of you who have told me when you've read a post about racism and shit suddenly clicked and maybe you were horrified but you started to get it and unravel what you've learned.

I think about how kind so many of you have been to me over the years. From the time one of you bought me pants, to people who have donated to hep me get my teeth fixed. The encouragement and support and lots of it.

The wonderfulness of you regulars might not make it ALL better but it goes a long way to mend my feelings when I feel this way.

So thank you friends who sent me notes about possible plagiarism and inquiring about the state of my health and teeth thank you.

How about some other news?

I am super close to having half of the money I need to fix my teeth. Fuck yes.

Next week I'm going to talk more about the #solidarityisforwhitewomen and why sometimes I'm kind of glad I am a less famous voice.

That's all.

Homo Out.


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