Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let us Fashion.

Yes I use Fashion as a verb because we're doing it.

Given that I won't really be able to buy a lot of new things for Fall I'm trying to think of creative ways to remix my wardrobe.

Actually no wait. The world really sucks this week so instead let us fashion as if neither size nor money was a problem.

For those who don't know me I am an Old Goth. By necessity and lack o cash flow I don't really dress entirely how I'd like to. Now let us pretend that I don't have to walk a couple of miles on the daily and owned all the things I want.

Now one thing I do own that I splurged on a while back are a pair of knock of Lita's like these. I have been obsessed with Lita's since I first saw them and the pair of knock offs I bought were so cheap I had to have them. They are like the black with brown heels.

What I neglected to think about is that we don't really out anywhere and I can't walk in heels anymore.

BUT holy shit y'all they make my big ass hams look so good.

So now of course I want to buy ALL of the things to wear with them or shoes like them. Let me show you them.

These are not fatty size but precisely what I want. I want to wear funky ankle boots, faux leather leggings, layers of witchy tops and tattery shawls and wraps and things.

Unfortunately that's not the best plan given my commute so I pine.

Okay some links.

OMG this faux leather skater skirt is LESS than 20$. Get on that. Also remember that Jrs stores run smaller most of the time so be mindful. Even the plus sizes.

I am madly obsessed with this dress. It is just so damn expensive there is no way I would pay that much for a casual dress. If you have the money get to it.

This cheap little dress is also pretty awesome.

One of the bigger downsides of my bodily changes is that some of the stuff I've just been DYING to buy I just won't fit in anymore and I'm probably overreacting but I find it very upsetting.

This is where you can picture me laughing kind of bitterly because I had a savings plan for some of this stuff and then my fucking teeth broke. Only me y'all.

In the meantime, I will daydream and imagine.

See, I have this deep desire to achieve what I call Nazgul or Evil Queen Realness. I want to look terrifying and feel beautiful and shit. Shit is hard though.

Okay I'm going to be real with you guys.

All I want out of my Fashioning is to feel like YES I did this. I miss the feeling and emotional certainty that I look exactly how I want to look at any one time.

Over the years I've had to accept this about myself. I don't care how other people want me to look, the only opinion that matters is mine and I feel more depressed when I (for whatever reason) am unable to maintain the appearance I like.

For a longtime I made myself not experience those feelings. I fully absorbed and believed that I had no right to that. That I was just being vain and dumb.

If looking a certain way no matter what it is makes you feel good and happy in your body, get it.

Again I will say, don' t pay to make yourself miserable. You don't have to play that kind of acceptability game unless it directly impacts your ability to keep a roof over your head.

As I've said before if you have to wear a uniform or conform to a dress code, don't get fired. That said, outside of work you look however you please.

For me, I am going to do a lot of going through my wardobe and figuring it out. I will not make mysel miserable because I have a giant ass expense to take care of that is kind of taking over my life.

Homo Out.


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