Thursday, August 08, 2013

On Self Caring through rough times.

Recently I have been dealing with some dental issues.

Unfortunately unlike some of my issues in the past, my front teeth are all fucked up.

I'm not speaking or smiling normally and it is frankly fucking with my self esteem.

I had a meltdown about it, spent some time being so anxious my body kind of freaked out.

And now I'm not okay but I have a plan, I am doing the plan and I am self caring like a mother fucker.

I have been overindulging in skin care of all kinds. I pamper my face, I'm greasing myself up with cocoa butter at night and lubing up through the day.

I am making certain to take extra good care of myself because stress is a mother fucker.

For me one of the symptoms of increased stress and anxiety, is that my appetite goes to hell. That being what it is, I make sure I eat when I am hungry and I eat whatever I want to.

I am enjoying my walks and trying to keep myself from spinning out into a self loathing type of thing.

SO first let me give y'all some poor people dental care.

First things first. If you use a mouthwash that contains alcohol or has a sting when you use it, stop. If you have any gum problems that will make them worse. Instead try something with tea tree oil in it or my favorite thing Biotene. If you are prone to irritations, dry mouth etc it's great. I first started using it when I got an oral piercing and haven't stopped.


If you have a toothache or other oral discomforts, try this. Brew a very strong cup of plain green tea and swish/hold it in your mouth. You can also use a green tea bag that you've wetted (it tastes awful) against a sore tooth or swelling.

Here's the thing. None of this will replace a dentist but if you can't afford to get to a dentist (hi me right now) you can mitigate your symptoms and discomfort.

The important thing here as with all of my ideas about self care is to do the best you can in the moment.

Sometimes this means that the only thing you do is drink a glass of water or milk or soda, and wash your face. Or you checked the mail. Whatever.

Again the point isn't what you do, just that you do it.

So posting may be slow or more ragey than usual. My moods are all over the place.

Also I'm doing a thing. The dental stuff I need done is expensive and I need help. But instead of a straight up fundraiser here's what's goin on. If you head, you can download some of my out of print/never published writing. If you're into it you can tip me a couple of bucks. Or if you don't wanna do that you can head to the right and drop a tip in the jar.

Hopefully once I get this taken care of I can deconstruct my meltdowns and share with y'all how it went.

So how are you my darlings? Beatfreak I'm thinking of you, how are you?

Homo Out.


witchyvixen said...

My best friend is having the same problem. Broken tooth, no money, no insurance. She was looking up home remedies and found some crazy shit that actually worked. Vick's Vapor Rub. You rub it on your face outside on the jaw where the tooth pain is. She says it stops it instantly. It doesn't last but it does work and gives her some relief.

She's used it for a long time on her kid's feet at night when she's sick. Puts it on the bottoms and covers with socks, stops the coughing so she can sleep.

Starting to wonder what else this stuff can do.

Tapati said...

Other home remedies (for those who may be reading and need them someday):

ground up cloves or clove oil if you have a toothache or exposed nerve. You can soften paraffin and plug up the hole that is causing the nerve to be painfully exposed to air.

I have used simple warm (not too hot) salt water as a mouth and throat wash to cure infections.

If the nerve dies or you have a root canal, teeth will dry out and crumble unless covered with a crown. I was warned when I had my root canal(s).

I've known lots of people who have found cheaper care at dental schools and cheap cleanings at community colleges with dental hygiene programs.

I have no idea why dental care isn't part of Obamacare and why it gets treated as a separate thing when a gum infection can directly affect your heart health! It's ridiculous.

Will continue signal boosting for your downloads in the hopes that you will raise more funds.

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