Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On Wellness, lies and shit ain't nobody got time for.

Okay my darlings.

Y'all know (if you're new guess what) I will not bullshit you about things. W get enough of that in the world and I'm not playing that game.

I hate the whole "Wellness" movement. I hate the language, I hate the execution, I hate the fact that 99% of what people talking about "wellness" are doing is shaming, classist and fatphobic.

So I propose a reclamation of the whole concept and doing of Wellness.

Most Wellness related things we see are full of Thin Pretty White Ladies talking about their energy and expensive spa treatments, etc etc. Most of what passes for "Wellness" is really just expensive shit that is only made for thin people with money, shit that seems to involve a lot of cultural appropriation and frankly it's not good for most of us.

Fuck that.

I want to introduce us to a concept of Wellness that goes with my ideas about self care and self love.

It's not pretty. It's not full of faux rich White Lady Zen. It's grimy, it's hard, it's real it's for you.

To start with wellness does not have to mean Health in the all or nothing gross binarist way. Wellness is taking care of you as you are not as you think you should be or how some asshole says you should be.

First thing. Much of the substance of how Wellness is discussed revolved around buying a lot of expensive shit. Whether it's the most organic of the organic, the right water, the right gear (hi Lulumon) blablabla.

Let's examine that and reject it. The message from mainstream "wellness" is that if you are not buying all these things and following the One Twoo Way, you are not doing it and basically suck.

That is Grade A bullshit.

Let's reframe and take Wellness away from the people who just want your money or just want to look down their nose at all us unenlightened peons.


Instead of buying into those things, just take care of you.

So as I've talked about before let's engage in some self care and making sure the bodies we're moving around in are doing the best they can.

Are you hydrated? Drink some water. Especially if you have joint problems, pooping problems, problems with your skin, have to take a lot of medication, take vitamins etc. Water does all your things good. Pro tip. Buy a dollar large size bottle of water and refill it once per day to start out with. Then if you're feeling super fancy do it twice.

Next up, feel your feelings. Know it is okay to feel your feelings even when the are awful. It's okay if you are upset, it's okay if you aren't sure how you feel It's okay, BeatFreak I'm talking to you my friend. I'm talking to me too.

Remember that even if you look down at your body and hate it, that body is still worth care. It is still worth keeping it in as good condition as you can. If that means you exercise more, do it. Exercise less, okay. Eat something, anything. Just eat.

Don't be mean to yourself. Don't pay people or industries to reinforce how much you may hate yourself or your body. Stop doing hat It is the easiest step towards liberation from the tyranny of Thin Pretty White lady Ideals. Put your wallet away. Don't by their magazines, magical slimming pants, miracle creams, diet pills, weight loss via hypnotoad or whatever other bullshit.

Think about this. Instead of paying five dollars for a magazine with a beautifully made up hot body person on it who makes their living being gorgeous, and had a team of stylists, make up artists, wardrobe people AND post production- spend five dollars on something else. Buy yourself a coffee, buy a used book, donate it to a charity or person you like, save it and add it to the forty dollars you might spend on a jar of cellulite cream and buy some shoes, or whatever else.

Spend you money on things that make you feel good and improve the quality of your life.

What else?

Instead of making ourselves bow to ideas that are meant to shame us into submission let us begin our wellness by raising our middle fingers and bidding a not so fond fuck you very much to all the bullshit.

So my darlings let us begin our wellness practice.

Inhale deeply through your nose, open your mouth and say






That's all for now homies. I encourage you to think about this stuff as it relates to your life and potential for more happiness and okayness in your body and your life as both are right this instant. I know it's hard but I believe in you. I believe in us.

Homo Out.

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rebecca said...

Man I love what you write here. Thank you. YOU are good for people's real wellness.

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