Thursday, August 01, 2013

This is my total lack of surprise.

Recently the brand Lulumon (super expensive yoga shit) has been put in the spotlight for their "shocking" issues with fat customers.

See the Huffpo article here.

Again the fitness industry as a whole gets the light shone on their bullshit.

If we are to believe that if one is fat, one must also be doing something about it, logically it would follow that brands who have the ethos that you must work it out work it out (sorry I'm listening to Kanya right now) they would be falling all over themselves to sell us fat asses the apparel needed to be doing something about it.

They don't.

This is an intersection with thin privilege and class.

If a body is thin to slightly bigger than average, you can presumably for a modest amount of money walk into a sporting goods store, not be harassed or laughed at. People will sell you bras, cups, shorts, underwear, etc. Then you can goon about the business of getting your fitness on.

When you are fat, really fat or death fat that does not happen.

If you are not over say a size 12/14 you could go into Walmart or Kmart and come out with an outfit or two ready for the gym.

You could go to that gym and not be subjected to shit like this.

It is beyond antithetical to the message that we all must be doing our level best and beyond to be fit, if those of us who supposedly need to be doing it the most are empirically unwelcome to do so from the physical things we need (pants, bras, etc) to the places we are supposed to go to do these things.

Let me put on my Vulcan ears for a second and let's break it down outside of anything emotional.

It is ultimately illogical to rabidly demand that fat people change their bodies in order to appear healthy and fit only to turn around and bar fat people from doing so with behaviors and shitty retail.

There is no logic to this.

It shines more light on the lies that people tell us and each other about fat bodies.

Let's look at Lulumon specifically. Let's see how many lies we can find in heir manifesto:

(Click to go to their website and view it lager)

One thing that jumps out at me immediately is this:

stress is related to 
99% of all illness
Let's think about that in conjunction with their messages about love and whatnot.

How loving is it to relegate anyone with an "undesirable" body to digging trough piles of clothing in the back of your upscale beautiful stores?

How stressful is it for a person who might be say a fat yoga  instructor? Or for their students?

If we take their treatment of non average bodies as a demonstration of their supposedly wonderful loving natures, what does that say about them?

It says they are liars.

You cannot be selling love and hand holding and bullshit WHILE you actively behave in ways to make certain people uncomfortable.

They are liars.

As are the people who harass fat people at the gym or on the street.

Flat out they lie.

They are so wrapped up in the look and idea of what health is "supposed" to be, they can't understand that health and fitness do not look the same for everyone.

I encourage you folks to put this lens on the Diet/Fitness/Health industries.

If they are right and we have to be working off our fat terrible asses, why is it the only time they want our money is to sell us pills or potions or to pay them to humiliate us. But they won't take our money or let us in their stores if we want workout wear, accessories, fitness equipment, or to go to the gym and workout in peace.


How does that prove that they are so invested in our health? How does it show the importance of us fat people doing all the things they say in order to be acceptable?

So with these things in mind let's not give them their pity parties, let's not allow this.

Instead of playing the bullshit manipulation and humiliation game let's do what we do.

Wanna do yoga? Wanna go running or dancing or hula hooping or for a walk.

Do what you can when you want to.

Be nice to your body even when your body (HI MY BODY I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU...more on that later) is being an asshole.

Self care ad get your fitness on out of if not spite,in spite of all this other bullshit.

At the end of it all you do not deserve to be treated this way by anyone. And anyone who does treat you this way doesn't give a shit about your real health or well being.

Lulumon is full of shit. Fuck them, fuck anyone who thinks or behaves like they do. Fuck that whole industry particularly.

They just don't.

Okay my darlings that's all for now.

Homo Out.

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