Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little less serious.

Hello again my darlings.

I've been on a bit of an unplanned but necessary hiatus.

I have found myself in a place of complete emotional exhaustion. The last few months has been so full of the type of racism that gets under my skin and just hurts me so I've put myself in the corner for a time out.

No news.

Little facebooking.

Heavily censored tumblr.

And I feel a little better.

I can't really process anything serious right now so let's fashion shall we?

Last weekend my partner and I went out and did some puttering then came home and he made me a hell of a hot toddy.

First my favorite recipe.

You need:
1 awesome tea cup
Cinnamon Whiskey
Tea. My personal favorite is Good Earth'sSweet n Spicy.

Boil water use 2 tea bags and brew it up nice n strong. Add booze to taste. Enjoy. This tea/booze combo is particularly good to have with some apple or pear slices and fancy cheese.

Toddy in hand and my partner snoring I did a little mega deal shopping.

Target which used to be my go to for basics has gotten themselves onto my shitlist. Instead I turned to Kmart.

Two things. First of all their website is kind of a mess to navigate. Second of all I got some cute things.

Between the Jrs plus sizes and the womens sizes I got a cardigan, some shirts, a pair of Dickie's pants (which I will review after I wear them) and a few other things for less than 60$.

Now homies here are some of my discount shopping forever tips.

  1. ALWAYS have your measurements on hand. Write them down and keep them in a notepad doc on your desk top. If you are unable to do that measure your favorite pair of pants and use those measurements. 
  2. Don't limit yourself to the tag size. Especially for Death Fatties. I am talking to you. Something may say it is a 28 but if it is a stretchy garment sometimes it is worth it to give it a shot.
  3. Don't limit yourself to certain stores. Even Death Fat folks. Especially for broke people always check size charts to make sure.
  4. Coupons and email lists. If you don't like getting a lot of non personal email here is what you do. Set yourself up a new gmail address and use it to harvest ALL the email lists and sales. Also take notes. A lot of stores (I can immediately think of Woman Within) give you a coupon code on sign up. Most of the time you don't get it until after your first order so here's what you do. Get together what you want, then sign up. Use the coupon code and make your order. Always get the newsletters.
  5. Keep track of what you need. I normally separate things into basics (shirts, pants, underwear, plain socks), Fancy bits (fancy skirts fancy socks, fancy tights etc) and Serious Business (coats, boots, bags). 
  6. Look for stuff in unexpected places.
Let's use underwear as an example. I'm not talking awesome sexy underwear, just regular period acceptable undies. I like Hanes. I went to Big Lots a couple of weeks ago and they had a whole bin of various Hanes undies on sale for 3-4$ a pack in sizes 7-11. Also think about stuff like pantyhose, ankle socks, trouser socks. Look at places like drug stores, Big Lots et. And always take the time to dig through the bin.

Next up keep your options open. I like to save up/make my budget and then go through my sale emails when I'm ready to buy. 

What else?

If you can afford it buy two.

Example. I have one pair of pants that fit really well from Old navy. I bought them on super sale and looking back I should have gotten two because we all know Old Navy has awful quality control when it comes to fit.

It is worth it especially for plus size people. 

Next thing is to decide what you will and won't pay major dollars for. Personally I won't pay a lot of money for stuff like plain tees, yoga pants, or underwear.

I will spend as much as I can afford on things like boots, bags (I paid full price for a Chrome bag dudes, best investment ever). 

For me I base it on what will serve me. I have sensitive little fat feet, and I need good shoes. I have only recently come to terms with this and am till struggling with it a bit because I am a sucker for super cute cheap ballet flats.

What else can you do?

For folks outside of the US it is time for some teamwork. Canadians I'm lookin at you.

Go in on orders with another person. The easiest way to do that is have one person be the holder/payer of the monies. Get your order together and make it. Person who is the holder of the monies splits up the booty and sends it out. Get a bunch of people in on it. Especially if you shop say Torrid because you can get some good coupons for spending over 100$. 

Fatty powers activate.

Have a trade. If you know other at folks anywhere close to you, whomever has a living room can host a swap. Social media makes it super easy to organize. Make a facebook group, make it as private as you need to, invite friends. Have cupcakes and tea and swap. Anything left over donate to your local shelter or other charities.

Ebay searches. Save goo searches. If you need a specific type of shirt, try different search strings then when ou hit paydirt save it.

Sell your extra stuff. You can use tumblr or LJ etc, Big Cartel or whatever and open up your closet. Save the money to buy yourself cool stuff. You can also trade that way.

Also when you find something don't be stingy.If you're not buying it share with your friends. IF you are on ebay and see a fantastic size 26 rockabilly frock, share that shit on social media. 

My point is also that shopping doesn't have to be a solo experience or even be terrible. Show your friends shit you find, spread the word about sales or coupons, before giving up on a garment or tossing it ask if someone else needs it.

Now if Uniballer and I can get our shit together I will post pictures of my Kmart goodies.

And in other news I have opened a new little Etsy store where I will be selling original bits of writing. Currently there's only one erotica story available but I will be adding stuff as we go along. Feel free to follow and heart and stuff. 

Eventually after I replace my PC (she died RIP) and get a printer I might do some other arty writing things. Stay tuned.

That's all.

Homo Out.


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