Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More reasons why I do not trust White Feminists.

This may or may not wind up being coherent. I don't care.

Here's the thing.

I do not trust White feminists.

Now I'm not doing links right now you can google shit for yourself.

I say I am not a feminist and will not identify as one.


Lots of them lately.

Right now my problem is crickets.

What is crickets?

Crickets is silence.

White feminists lose their shit over a lot of things but when it comes to women of color, crickets.

With all of the outrage about Pussy Riot where was that same fervor for Cece McDonald? For Marissa Alexander? For Quvenzhane’ Wallis when a popular satirical website called her a cunt? For Renisha McBride?

Where were White Feminists when the twitter hashtag #blackgirlsrock was co-opted by bitter angry White people? Where was the fervor when the hashtag #stopblackgirls2013 was trending?

Where were White feminists when Miley Cyrus and now Lilly Allen are using WOC as ornaments? Why stand up for Miley because people talked about her ass without mentioning how fucking racist all that was? Why aren't the majority of White feminists fapping to high heaven about Lilly Allen's new song, also listening/understanding that satire is understood but the time for using WOC as props, especially in contrast to lines like:

"I don’t need to shake my ass for you because I got a brain"
While having only WOC scantily clad and shaking their asses for the camera and for Ms. Allen's apparent amusement?

Why are we still using Black Bodies this way? Why in this feminist anthem is this supposed to be okay?

Why when during the aftermath of #solidarityisforwhitewomen things came around again to White women's feelings?

Why will feminists rally unquestioningly around racist shit and remain silent when people of color are murdered?

Why are our supposed allies quick to want to jump into any conversation about bodies, twerking, hair or colorism but when more voices are needed, when it is right and proper to be fucking outraged, crickets?

The minute WOC could actually benefit from the voices of our supposed allies, silence. Until after the fact or someone "feels bad".

Here is the deal White feminism.

You can't have it the way you want it. Intersectionality is a thing it is real and if you are not doing it, or engaging with it or making the effort to understand it you are doing it wrong.

 To quote Flavia Dzodan again.

You can't be anti-racist or say you are not racist if you are not trying. The lip service to intersectionality, diversity and concern for WOC is not enough anymore. It just isn't.

It is 20-mother fucking-13.  I will say again that there are more resources freely available for everyone from the layperson to the major academic, to understand why these things are problems.

There are hundreds if not thousands of amazing POC bloggers who have been saying this shit for fucking ever.

There is absolutely no reason this needs to keep happening and yet it does.

To wind up let me say fuck your feminism. Fuck your feelings. Fuck your  commentary. Fuck your anthems. Fuck your feelings.

Homo Out.

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Flyswatter said...

I am a white feminist. I'm so sorry that we white women have failed our sisters. I love you and I want to listen and hear you and help. I don't have much health or money, but I can talk and do graphic design--I'm unemployed but for occasional freelance work, but I have time.

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