Sunday, December 08, 2013

Fat Fashion Fails Again.

Via tumblr I saw this article over at Bitchtopia. Torrid is rebranding again.

If you look here let's see what their rebranding is.


I have long mourned the pre pink Torrid days when a fat girl with alt tastes could buy some sturdy clothes for reasonable prices.

So considering pre pink think about this. I have three items I bought in the first year Torrid was open that are still in good wearable condition.

In the intervening years Torrid has gone trendy for a minute and now they are gong with the sexy.

They have also had a marked downturn in the quality of clothing they sell while upping prices substantially.

Let's talk about their quality first.

The last piece of clothing I bought brand new not on sale from Torrid was a shirt. Nothing super fancy, a little dressy and it was for an event.

I got to wear it once and wash it as per the instructions once before it just disintegrated.

On the other hand I have a halter dress from Walmart that cost half as much and has been through far worse and is still wearable and pretty.

Torrid wants us to believe that we are Plus Size and super sexy and are about to get something really special when in fact what we are getting is screwed. The lack of diversity of styles, the smaller sizing and the huge pricetags for shit merchandise is pretty awful.

I think of it like that scene in Anchor Man. Torrid is trying to make us eat cat poop, we're crying cause we're starving so we eat the cat poop.

Now frankly on a personal level fuck Torrid. On a bigger level fuck Torrid even more.

As I've said time and time again Fat Fashion just does not serve most of us.

Many of us are deathfatties and the supposed YAY fatties stuff doesn't fit. Or it stops at a size 22 or is juniors plus size.

Others of us are just too poor.

Some of us are too poor AND too fat (aw shit intersectionality).

What is sad to me is that even when we are supposed to think that we want to use our wallets to say YES YES MORE FAT FASHION, we can't.

I find it beyond frustrating that the issues of availability, varying price points and varying styles seems to be just too much for 99% of fat fashion offerings to deal with.

For me personally I am currently at what I call fat teenager size and I'm short so I can buy some of the teenager marketed plus size clothes. This is the first year in a long time I have been able to and the privilege is just insane to me. It feels pretty great, but then I think about my Death Fatty friends who have awesome tastes but not the budget or opportunity to express it and I get sad.

I will hold out hope that some retailer will have it click that fat people from my size wee fat asses to death fatties and beyond want and need affordable, diverse clothing that is easy to get.

Until then we do what we can.

To that end I'm going to do a post sometime soon on how I get some of my fatty fashions, we'll revisit my technique for online thrifting and YES Death Fatties I got you too boos, and we'll talk about some less srs business fashion.

That's it.

Homo Out.


I have some other news but I will share about that tomorrow. In the meantime Team Self Care Like a Boss how is everyone doing? I have not been doing it so well myself but I am trying. We'll talk about that too.


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Anonymous said...

These days I only shop on Ebay. Can't afford anything else, and shop clothing doesn't come in my size, even at Walmart. Maybe if the clothes weren't so fugly there...which isn't to say it's all shitty, just most of it. Like 99%.

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