Sunday, December 22, 2013

Old Goth In Winter. Let's talk making it work.

See above part of an outfit from the other day. Now as I have noted right now I am small fat. Tiny fat really but my sensibilities are the same and we're gonna talk about how to make it work.

Bottom photo let's go down the list of the outfit.

First can we talk about my shoes? Those are knock off Lita's I bought on Ebay a while back. 

See this is real Lita's.

That is an amazon affiliate link. I didn't wear those to work because the knock offs I bought are too big in the toe box and my foot slides around so much I can't walk in them. BUT shit I love those shoes. I may save up for a real pair sometime.

Now the skirt is a midi tight ass knit skirt. Here let's talk about a fashion protip #1.

Regardless of what size you are, if you are smaller in the butt and you want a pencil style skirt to fit like a glove buy a size down.

That skirt is a size L from Debshops. The reason it works is because it is a knit fabric and knits stretch, often way more than one might think.  So for my fellow less blessed in the booty tight skirt lovers, buy a size smaller than you might consider. You could probably go down two sizes even if you have more narrow hips proportional to your size.


The tshirt. This is a basic 4$ tee from Kmart. As you see it's a tad see through but yanno it was four dollars. I believe it is a 2X juniors and on my DD having self is fairly boxyish. Perfect for layering and quite comfy. Four. Dollars.

The cardigan came from the Debshops plus size range.  Now like every other place the plus size clothing is a bit over priced but not Torrid level. I would pay full price for this cardi though. I got the 1X and it is nicely roomy, has those slightly overlong sleeves I love and has room for my boobs.

So here is protip#2. Do not be afraid to mix and match. If you can jam your ham into a straight size L and need a 2X cardi get it. Work that shit out.

They real key to shopping this way is understanding your personal proportions.

For instance I am not that tall, very busty, broad shouldered. So for this reason most straight size tees, camis and tanks will fit me tighter. Most plus size tees, tanks, n camis tend to be too long for me so I go with the tighter fit.

I do not have a lot of booty but I have big thighs. So for tights I tend to size up to accommodate my thighs and size down in skirts for that booty enhancement I crave.

That whole outfit without the shoes looks very cute (for spring I will remix with a lacy cami and thinner sweater), very my sort of office goth and was very cheap.

Now if you are over a size 22/24 let's recreate this look for you. This will be a bit more expensive but I'm only going to talk about shops I can vouch for the quality so it will be worth it.

The skirt. This is the ponte knit skirt from Roamans. Available up to a size 32 and frankly if I"d had a bit more money I would have opted for this. If you are the more modest sort or want an A line shape for the skirt this velour skirt (also a great staple for goths) available up to a 5X (with an elastic waist so it could go up another size).

Both of those options are at shops where it's relatively easy to find coupons and stack hose with free shipping deals. These are two stores I highly recommend signing up for the email list after you're ready to order to get a welcome coupon.

Also both options can be easily dressed up or down and can go season to season. Worth the dollars.

I prefer plain tees and tanks. Tops you can do what you like. If you want something a bit fancier go for a decorated tank.

Now the cardigan is also where you can get creative. If you like a tighter shape, go for a classic button up. Now if I had the cash I would opt for this one actually. I love the decorated trim and the shape, available up to 4X. Head over to Woman Within to get a looksy at a lot of options with some great prices.

Again know your proportions. If you are smaller busted, you can probably try a size down for your sweaters and cardigans for a more loose fit. If you are busy like me, size down for a tight fit, actual size for a moderately fitted fit and up for a loose fit.

This is where I also encourage you to play with shapes. You can change how an entire outfit looks with just a change of skirt, or  adding a belt or something.

Now a word about thrifting online.

Outside of fat fashion specific communities let's talk ebay.

If you have time and some knowledge of your measurements and what you like here's what you do.

I searched 4XL Gothic on ebay rigth now and I'm presented with a lot of bustiers and junk. There are a few gems though.

Basically you want to try different varieties of keywords until you hit gold. My personal watched searches include a general goth search where I've picked up a few skirts and things, 7 Dansko, a few others. I keep my eye out for trends and to see if individual things I want are selling.

It takes some patience but whe you find that one awesome thing you feel like a victorious hunter.

Some other tips for online shopping. Avoid a lot of shops in Asia. I myself am obsessed wit cheap street style wear like the stuff from Romwe. But they have no plus sizes. Can I tell you that I am confident that if more of us cntact them and tell them to make stuff for fattiew and we will buy, it could happen? I contacted them a while ago and I think they were semi enthusiastic about looking into it. Tell them more. Matter of fact if you even want to tell them Shannon Barber aka nudiemuse from tumblr sent you that'd be great.

Lastly don't be afraid to experiment. Wear something in a different spot on yourbody. Wear a "loose" garmen tight, cut some shit up. Especially us poor folks, we gotta make it work. What we need is time and a sense of adventure that overrides our frustration.

Have tip? Share with the class my homies.

Homo Out.


Arelia Moriarty said...

I love this look on you. It's awesome.
I mean, seriously, I stared jealously for awhile before posting because I want that look and can't bring myself to try it. Unfortunately, my neighborhood is not kind to people who do not want to conform to the standard black fashions of the current day.

... maybe I need to move to Seattle.

Shannon Barber said...

Aww sweetheart thank you and take it slow. Remind me later this week (come back and visit) to blog about ways to goth it up safely without being obvious.

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