Sunday, February 09, 2014

Again with the centering thin White ciswomen.

So someone pointed me at this article today.

I started this several days ago but blogger had a meltdown and I lost it.

Before anyone says otherwise let's get a few things straight.

First of all I do not think what people said to that person is okay at all ever.

My problem is that again, again it is a NiceWhite attractive ciswoman being made the center of the issue.

What makes me angry is that there are I will dare say hundreds of fat bloggers, bloggers of color, tran* blogger,s gender queer bloggers who not only get those types of messages but things get elevated.

I personally since the first time I ever showed my face on the internet have gotten:

Racialized hate. I have gotten hundreds if not thousands of messages across many different internet spaces from gems like "ugly nigger" to "I will rape and kill you nigger cunt" the latter one I stripped off of one of my youtube videos about how to henna your hair.

I have been told that if I didn't stop basically being non-anonymous on the internet that I would be followed and killed, raped. People have threatened to try and get me fired from my job. 

These haven't just been anonymous dudebros. Some of them have been people who went through a good amount of effort to learn more about me. 

My problem is that because I am not (and many of us are not) Thin Pretty White Ciswomen, regardless of how we approach this type of abuse nobody says:

Passive acceptance is the exact opposite of Lindsay Bottos' attitude when it comes to this project -- and that's why we love it so much.

Instead, people tell us that maybe if we just lose weight, or stop being so Black or stop standing up for ourselves including being visible in the world that people wouldn't abuse us.

The entire world rides to the defense of Female Whiteness. 

For all of us who fall into the intersections of being the other, we get nothing.

That makes me angry.

Every time I see an article like this all I can think of are the many many brave people I have witnessed stand up for themselves. Even when it just means that they don't censor their faces out of their photos and they keep posting those selfies and outfit shots.

I am angry for those of us for whom just walking around with our heads held high and a swing in our step is a radical act.

I don't give a hot shit about thin pretty White ladies not shaving their arm pits.

I give a shit about fat people, trans* people, disabled people,  gender variant people, every one of us who will not adhere to the tyranny of the Thin Nice White Lady Ideal.

I am beyond tired of the cissexism, ableism, racism and White Lady centric rah rah you go girl bullshit.

My point I suppose is that everyone else, I see you. I celebrate how brave you are for being visible. I get it.

So that's all for right now.

Stay tuned I will probably announce soonish that I am migrating this whole shebang to wordpress. 


my darlings.

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Homo Out.



Anonymous said...

All I can say is FUCK those who don't have a clue about what it's like to be considered the other; who give dirty-looks; whisper to their friend; hate; abuse; leave threatening comments etc....those people are sick in the head!! Who have nothing better to do than to discriminate and put others down to make themselves feel superior! We are all equal humans who deserve to be talked to and treated with respect...except murderers and sexual predators-they can go to hell...
I think your Blog is awesome! And I think you are beautiful! Keep your voice strong and proud!!!

Tapati said...

Yes, THIS. Thank you for speaking out for everyone else who gets told to be "nicer" and non-confrontational in the face of this kind of crap.

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