Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wheelie Fat Fashion

Okay homies let us lighten shit up for a minute.

One of our homies uses a wheelchair and she would like some advice about femming up her fashion. She is about a size 20-22 and doesn't care for fitted things or anything with a rigid waistband. She would like to explore some gothy, femme looks.

Ready let's get started.

Since the weather is still cold most everywhere let's talk about keeping your legs warmer.

If you are going to be wearing skirts, it is essential to layer. Now whether you go for leggings or tights I highly recommend buying awesome socks.

See Sock Dreams Plus size socks here. Now, once upon a time there were few syles for fat les at Sock Dreams and that is long gone. Now those of us with righteously big calves and big ass hams have options.

My personal favorite boot and all round comfy warm socks are these. They stretch a lot, (at some point I will have Uniballer wear his and we will model them for you calf to calf), doesn't bind and if you have shorter legs they might even reach OTK. AND they are super affordable and the staff is darling.

If you are using a wheelchair and want a pop of color or patterning AND to be warm (especially those of you who might have circulation problems) awesome socks are the way to go.

Now let's talk skirts.

I am a skirt fanatic. One of my methods for thrifting skirts is to know my measurements, know what cuts I like and what fabrics or colors I want.

Our homie said she would prefer midi/maxi length skirts so let's look at some of those.

Most of the following are coming from Woman Within.

This skirt first. Now first I love that full roomy shape. Second it is knit so it is easy care and the best thing is it comes in sizes 12-40. That style of skirt can easily go with a ruffly blouse or a tank and cardigan depending on how you're feeling that day. Excellent staple piece that can be gothified with ease.

Now this one because I have a soft spot for tiered skirts. This one comes sizes 14 through 32 and is just gorgeous. In the winter pair it with leggings, tall socks and warm boots. In warmer weather pair with flats.

I highly suggest checking out their selections.

Now let's talk tops. Personally I prefer plainer tops (tanks and tees mostly) and a cardigan because I get cold.

Look at all these cardigans at one stop plus. The only caution I will offer is that if you are using a wheechair watch out for the sharkbite and pixie hemmed cardigans, we don't want them getting caught in your wheels. If you by one of those opt for a more substantial fabric so they don't flutter around too much while you are moving about.

The other recommendation, I have is that it is very easy to goth up an outfit with accessories.

Check out the treasury I made on Etsy of stuff I like.

Remember accessories don't have to be mega fancy or expensive. Try cruising ebay with keywords like "black rose jewelry" "Skull jewelry" "gothic jewelry". It can be overwhelming but you will probably find some stuff you like for reasonable prices.

Overall for me, I tend to just look everywhere. Kmart, Forever21, Debshops etc. If I like something I will buy it and wear it. Most everything I buy is black..of course but I have cultivated what I call office Goth which usually means boots, skirt or pants, cardigan or hoody and stuff. I'm not fancy but I'm comfortable and happy. Except for the pants, but it is too cold for me to fuss about that overmuch.

If you are into DIY try making yourself some accessories, buy a baggy of spikes or pyramid studs and shiny up your stuff.

Remember my friend it is your world and you can do what you want. Don't believe the hype that in order to goth it up one must be in big hair, black lipstick and winklepickers. Anyone who says that is a bossy douchebag.

Do goth the way you want to.

I also mightily suggest watching youtube make up tutorials for ideas. Remember you can take a technique or an idea and do it in a way that pleases you.

Now I turn it over to you my homies. Any tips for our friend? Feel free to drop links AND knowlege.

Homo Out.

PS I am going to a writing conference this week so posting will be scant/none at all until after the 1st.



Gothic Charm School said...

Holyclothing ( has stretchy waistbands, comfy fabrics, nice flowy tops and dresses, and go up to a size 6x/7x on some things.

maggiemunkee said...

anon, i have some surprising ideas.

if you are still looking for warmth and surprising quality for relatively spendy, lands end is surprisingly good for fats.

i'm a size 28/30 at 360lbs and i can wear way more lands end stuff than i imagined. if you sign up for their email newsletters (yeah, you get dailies) but they have frequent 25% off sales and at the end of the season you can get stuff around 50-60% off.

so! base layer. thermaskin heat lock pants i bought these in a 3x and there is PLENTY of room left. you would probably be okay in a 1x, but a 2x would definitely not be binding at the waist.

elbow sleeve velvet dress for $20! many colors, too.

cotton spandex terry pants i LIVE in these pants. they feel like sweats, have pockets, and if you wear the thermaskin heat pants underneath them, wow, you can be outside forever it feels like.

starfish cotton spandex leggings for $15, black and navy. and holy hell, doing this has me wanting to spend way more money than i can afford.

3 cute black skirts under $25.

like gothic charm school said in their comment, is awesome. you can sometimes find things a bit cheaper on their ebay site.

if you can tolerate tights, the plus size tights at are fantastic. a billionty colors, including fishnets. they're spendy, but if you take good care of them they will last for just about ever.

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