Monday, March 10, 2014

Many News, Such Fatness. Wow.

I am all recovered from AWP and my subsequent earaches.

I will post a video of me reading some grown folks lit at the bottom.

It was intense and I had some panic problems but overall I'm glad I went.

AND now my darlings some news.

I decided that I am going to rewrite my self care book.

In doing that I will include some posts from here, some tips for Queers and Fat people and people who are not really oppressed and poor people and well fuck all of us who are fucked up and need help.

Here is where you come in my homies, if there are any self care related things you have always wanted to ask, get anonymous if you need to (sign out of google/other accounts) and leave them on this post.

Now I've already decided I will cover selfies, I will cover toxic bullshit magazines, the things that cut us to the bone, the bad days and some (big) surprises.

I'm going to talk about trashy tv shows and feeling smug when you see bad pictures of people who have been mean to you on facebook.

Shit is about to get real.

I'm also still committed to keeping it accessible so I will be putting it out through my etsy store.

What else?

OH my birthday is coming up.

I am turning 37 and I have some stuff to say about fatness, how my body has changed and how I am doing with all that and I hope y'all will be pleasantly surprised.

Also eventually when I have the time and energy I'm moving this whole shebang to word press. Eventually.

So that's all for right now my darlings.

And here is me reading two pieces of fiction. This is not kid safe so use headphones or however you dealwith that.

Homo Out.

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