Saturday, May 31, 2014

Self care like a boss V2.0 is out.

Brand new and bigger and badder. This is your guide to how to start self caring.This is self care for the rest of us. If you need help, if you need a voice of reason here I am my friend. This is more than 30,000 words of advice about everything from what to do when you’re constipated, to how to manage taking care of your body when your self esteem isn’t so great. Also advice for people with gender feels, some advice about skin care, self health checks and much more. 

This is for you, this is for all of us. Regardless of your gender, your body size or shape, if you are able bodied or disabled, if you are chronically ill, if you’re gay or asexual it is for you. Come on homies. Let’s go for a ride.

As a bonus, if you missed the original version of the book, I have included a download link at the end where you can get V1.0. That is TWO BOOKS full of ALL THE THINGS.
And as a special thank you to everyone here, after purchase you will get a coupon that is good through the end of June for 10% off when you spend two dollars.
Click the photo or click here to get your Self Care on.
And if you can’t afford to buy that is TOTALLY OKAY. Signal boost this post, pin it to pinterest, share it on facebook. 
And keep your eyes peeled y’all. I have some new stories for the store in the next few weeks and am planning a giveaway. 
Thank you homies, without y’all I wouldn’t be shit.

Homo Out!



Anonymous said...

Got it today and downloaded it. Have devoured it. Just what I needed to read today as I grapple with a 21 year old son who I had to have removed from our home and I feel like shit. Your compassion shines through your writing and it was as though you were sitting next to me cheering me on.

I also jumped up and cleansed my face and applied moisturiser. You are right, it does smell nice on your upper lip.

Thank you for your hard work. It has helped calm the raging voice in my head telling me how shit I am.

Take care
Much Aroha (love) to you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant' to sign off with my name - Tara.

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