Monday, June 02, 2014

New Rule

After spotting my work quoted, used as a resource etc without proper attribution new rule.

(Once I roll over to word press this will be a perm page.)

If you are going to use my work as a source for academic work, books, or whatever especially if you are making money off of said thing source me properly.

My full name is everywhere.

My name is Shannon Barber.

I am an author. I work hard to provide good quality content both here and my other blogs and in my other work.

Have enough respect for me as a creator to use my full fucking name.

Kick in a few bucks.

Don't act like I am an anonymous blogger because I'm not.

It is not that hard to find out my name.

I found my work used as a reference (again) over the weekend and frankly while I am glad that my work is good enough/salient enough to be used as source material it is really not okay to do so without even bothering to use my full name.

More so when I can see that the other bloggers referenced (all White) were named fully.

More so when nobody asked me if I minded.

More so when I know that this has happened at least ten other times I can think of and the only reason I know is because I know how to use googles effectively.

I am not so into solidarity that I will say oh yeah go ahead.


If you can't be bothered to treat my work with the respect you give others don't fucking bother.

That's all for right now.

Don't forget you can get my new Self Care book right over here for only FIVE DOLLARS.

I will be back to regular posting here soon.

Also I will be moving to wordpress in the near future but this link will remain as an archive.

Homo Out.

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